Typography Basics

    We are more and more immersed in issues of usability, interaction with users, we are trying to find the very optimal picture that will allow us to achieve the necessary actions from the client / user. One of the most important elements / channels for perceiving information is text. And typography is the art of typography. Below is a list of books that will help you learn the basics of typography.

    Wiley - Adobe InDesign CC
    The Classroom in a Book series (in English), a book published in this world-famous line of study guides, is distinguished by the interests of both beginners and professionals. This tutorial lets you take the first steps in Adobe InDesign CC. He will help a professional designer to master the tricks of a powerful package, which he had not previously paid attention to. The material is presented in the form of practical step-by-step instructions. From simple to complex, they will lead you along the path of learning the program.

    Jan Chichold - The Look of the Book
    Articles by Jan Chichold of different years, which, in fact, compiled this book, belong to a different era. The author lived and worked at a different time when there was not yet such a rapid development of electronic means of publication. But his advice from this does not lose relevance. They belong to the categories of beauty, simplicity and logic of the book. There are two reasons to read The Book's Look. Firstly, you will understand the reasons for ugliness in the design of many modern books. And secondly, learn to understand the secrets of truly perfect paper and electronic sources of information.

    Jan Chichold - New Typography
    The “New Typography” by Jan Chiholde is a revolutionary work for its time and a must-read for any modern designer or specialist in typography. The author managed to combine the depth of the book with the fascination of presentation. If the first chapters are more devoted to general issues: the history of print art and the enormous role of photography in it. The latter, on the contrary, will give you clear and understandable tips on choosing fonts and designing documents and books.

    Ian Chihold - Font Samples
    Those who underestimate or do not understand the meaning of fonts and the complexity of their creation are very mistaken. Jan Chichold in his work “Font Samples” will help to understand this issue. The author not only collected the best examples of typographic fonts given in the book in real size, Jan Chiholde explains those fundamental rules, guided by which, you can take the first steps in creating your own really beautiful fonts.

    Anna Lander - Adobe InDesign CS5 Tutorial
    This tutorial was created for those who want to quickly and fully master the work with such a multifaceted design tool as Adobe InDesign. The book discusses one of the most popular versions of this package - CS5. The presentation of the material is not based on a dry presentation of the program’s capabilities, the fundamentals of preparing for publication, working with styles, colors and large documents. It uses an effective teaching methodology, which is used in the training of designers in various educational institutions.

    Baldin - Computer Printing House LaTeX
    LaTeX is a professional macro extension tool for the TeX computer layout system. Its development requires careful study of many teams, layout techniques and typing. This is where this book comes in handy. Here are collected more than 1,300 teams and 750 packages and styles. The book will also talk about the practical side of LaTeX: effective work with tables and presentations, graphic objects and bibliography. And, of course, much attention is paid to the key advantage of the package - a set of mathematics.

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