The course from Yandex is about what every developer who wants to make large systems should know. Buzzword DevOps and more

    The whole routine that can be given to robots must be given to robots. Large systems are impossible without this. In the development and testing, there are a lot of similar tasks that do not require high qualifications, but take a lot of time. A person who knows how to provide development, testing and deployment is a rare specialist and cannot be scaled by the number of pages.

    In Yandex, the tester is impossible without automation. We even develop an experimental robot that is able to take on functional testing. At some point, we realized that not many people realize how many opportunities there are now to work, not for 12 hours, but for the head. Having gathered all our experience in testing and deployment, we opened the School of Automation of Development Processes in the St. Petersburg office of Yandex. We have a school where everyone who writes code can get a basic set of knowledge on how to build, run and maintain a service in production so that it is inexpensive.

    The course opens my lecture on why automate the development process. From it you will get an idea of ​​what my colleagues will tell.

    Now the classes are over, and, as promised , we are posting lecture notes, which are interspersed with master classes, for everyone. It is clear that our experience and knowledge are not 42, but we hope that they will benefit you.

    Source Code Storage

    Marat Mavlyutov is engaged in the automation of testing of that part of Yandex, the reliable operation of which directly affects the company's revenue - advertising technologies.

    In the lecture, Marat will tell you why source code storage systems are generally needed, their history and will pay special attention to the story about Git and Github.

    Automate the assembly of a Java project

    Ivan vaniaPooh Krutov deals with issues related to the use of cloud technologies for testing purposes. He is one of the developers of the Allure Framework project . It serves to receive reports on the passage of autotests. Reports display information in an understandable way for both testers and project managers. You can attach screenshots, logs and any other files to them. Allure allows you to break complex tests into steps, include information about test parameters and test environment.

    From the lecture you will learn why industrial development is impossible without the use of assembly tools, hear a brief history of their development. Ivan will talk about the most popular build tools for the Java platform and some other programming languages, talk about the main features of Maven.

    Continuous Integration Tools

    Denis dchr Chernilevsky directs the work of the team that is engaged in testing the display advertising system and Yandex.Browser. Denis has experience in Internet services and software products. He has been with Yandex since 2012, and before that, for four years he was first an engineer, and then a manager at Parallels.

    The lecture is devoted to the basics of automation of various processes in software development. It is about what and what can be automated, what tools should be used for this. Several of the most popular CI systems are presented, on the basis of which all further automation can be built.

    Test Automation

    I am giving this lecture. I’ve been in Yandex for six years.

    This lecture details the integration, system and unit tests, as well as their negative and positive sides.

    Test Automation Framework

    Leonid leonsabr Rudenko leads the team that is responsible for automating testing of search interfaces. He himself graduated from the physics department of St. Petersburg State University, came to Yandex in 2010 as an intern, and now he is a leading engineer.

    Everyone wants to write tests quickly and clearly, it's easy to run them and analyze the results. Lenya will tell you what tools allow you to set up the process of creating autotests and what to choose so as not to miscalculate? In the lecture, you will get acquainted with the xUnit ideology, as well as the Java frameworks JUnit and TestNG.

    Auto Test Reports

    Dmitry Baev is a graduate of ITMO. In Yandex for more than two years. He is engaged in the development of testing tools. One of the developers of Allure is a framework for receiving test reports.

    Why do I need autotest reports, what are they and which one to choose? In the lecture you will get acquainted with the systems Surefire, Thucydides, Allure, and also learn how to make your report.

    Smells of tests

    Kirill Lanwen Merkushev came to Yandex as an intern in early 2012. He started with the automation of testing Yandex.Mail. Now his team is engaged in automating testing of Yandex personal services: internal mail components, Mail, Drive. Loves OpenSource and Jenkins very much.

    From Cyril’s lectures you will find out why a test project requires more attention than it benefits, what poor-quality tests suffer from and how to “smell it”. That is, how not to automate everything so that after that it becomes worse than it was. You will learn about the necessary preventive measures that will help to avoid problems with the tests.

    Static code analysis

    Artyom art_koshelev Koshelev - one of the creators of the Allure framework and the person who is responsible for testing the most visited runet page - the main Yandex. Has been working in Yandex for more than five years.

    Artyom will tell you about the features, advantages and disadvantages of dynamic and static analysis, the structure of a static analyzer. You will hear why the components of quality code are intelligibility, simplicity, and architecture. The lecture also covers popular static analysis tools and there is a SonarQube review.

    Code coverage

    Ilya smecsia Sadykov in Yandex for about a year. He not only develops internal tools for automating testing processes, but also various open source projects of the qatools team. Candidate of Technical Sciences.

    This is a lecture on how to measure the quality of code testing. A detailed account of test coverage and factors that affect it. Ilya will touch on the tools for measuring test coverage and the features of their work, and talk about the possibilities that the instrumentation of the code provides.

    Stress Testing

    Oles doctornkz Pisarenko in Yandex for six years. Under him, a Tank and an Lunapark appeared , about which he spoke . Now he leads the load testing and is engaged in the support of our open source tank. It is a tool for stress testing and performance analysis of web services and applications. The tank was developed at Yandex in 2006 to test the strength of the banner system. Now it is one of the main tools for measuring performance.

    This is an overview lecture on performance testing for beginners. It addresses the most basic issues: the meaning of stress testing, its basic tools, differences between different utilities, existing types of tests, quality criteria of the product under test, etc. The lecture is useful for expanding the horizons of not only testers, but also managers, developers and administrators of highly loaded services.

    As I said, in addition to lectures, we also held master classes. For those who are more comfortable watching them in a row along with lectures, we have put together a separate playlist with the materials of the School on the Yandex.Education channel , where materials from all our educational projects will be uploaded.

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