How was the Dell 2014 Solution Forum in Moscow

    On November 14, the next, the third annual Dell Solutions Forum was held in Moscow. In this post, we will talk about the most interesting, in our opinion, reports made that day, as well as the latest Dell products and partners exhibited in the demonstration zones. The traditional venue of the Forum was the hotel and business center "Radisson SAS Slavyanskaya".

    The third Forum took place on the anniversary year: Dell is 30 years old. More than 750 participants included Dell representatives, as well as customers and partners. In the spacious hall, an exhibition of Dell products and partner companies was organized. The Forum program was extremely rich: in the large conference room for 550 people, in the morning there was a plenary session with keynote addresses by Dell executives and global partners (Intel and Microsoft), as well as representatives of Dell customers. The afternoon was devoted to thematic discussions, which took place in parallel in four conference rooms. Depending on the interests and needs, visitors could take part in any discussion.

    The forum was held in Russia as part of a worldwide series of Dell Solutions Tour events. It featured the full range of solutions developed by Dell and partners.

    The Forum was launched by Boris Shcherbakov, Dell CEO in Russia, Kazakhstan and Central Asia, who greeted all those present: the

    Forum began: a brief greeting from Boris Shcherbakov

    Traditionally, foreign top managers of the company come to the Forum. This time, the global Dell team was introduced by Tony Parkinson, Dell's Vice President of Enterprise Solutions in the EMEA region. In his report, he talked about the benefits of Dell solutions and the benefits that customers and partners get by working with the company.

    Tony Parkinson Talks About Dell Benefits

    Like all growing businesses, Dell invests a lot - the amount of acquisitions of the company is $ 18 billion.

    At the same time, the company is a world leader in a number of segments: for example, in the field of corporate laptops.

    Tony Parkinson's full report Tony Parkinson's

    relay was received by Vasily Boyarinov, Intel Corporate Client Relations Director in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan ... He spoke about the company's newest and most important product to date: Intel Core M. processors. A modest break is hidden behind a modest name : processors based on a 14-nanometer process technology with a thermal power of 4.5 W and two times smaller than that of the fourth generation, allow you to create fanless devices: even less weight, dimensions, no noise - in general, ideal Flax solution for compact gadgets and gadgets 2-in-1 (tablet transforming into notebooks, and vice versa).

    Vasily Boyarinov also demonstrated how the ultrabook concept (also invented by Intel) has changed with new processors:

    How time flies: 4 years since Intel came up with ultrabooks.

    The report of the president of Microsoft Corporation in Russia, Pavel Betsis, was devoted to topics on a global scale. He began his presentation by describing the main technological challenges and opportunities of our time:

    Betsys formulated one of the key elements of Microsoft's strategy as “platform platforms”: the company not only builds its product and technological systems, but also helps its partners, including Dell, develop their own platforms:

    The full report of Pavel Betsis

    Key Dell Reports

    Dell High Performance Computing
    About how Dell works with Big Data and how it will change our lives, said Marcel van Drunen, Senior Manager, Dell HPC EMEA. In his report, special emphasis was placed on how Dell's solutions are changing the possibilities of medicine in our time:

    IT Management with Dell Software
    One of the most extensive reports was presented by Yakov Fishelev, Territorial Manager (Russia, CIS, Israel), Dell Software. He presented an overview of Dell software solutions that provide management of the Microsoft server infrastructure and allow for painless migration from current capacities to the "cloud". He also talked about managing IT assets and configurations with Dell KACE and data mining at Dell Statistica:

    We are upgrading the network with Dell
    Sergey Gusarov, Dell Network Consulting Engineer, talked about the strategy of the Dell network division and its relevance to the current network development trends, introduced the audience to the portfolio of network products and solutions of the company, as well as achievements for 2014:

    International Tablet Survey 2014
    A separate section was devoted to the results of the study of International Tablet Survey 2014 (“International Tablet Survey 2014”): an online survey of Harris Poll by analytic company Nielsen commissioned by Dell. During the study, 1,400 IT managers from the United States, Britain, India, Japan, China, Brazil, France, Russia, the United Arab Emirates / Saudi Arabia and South Africa were interviewed.

    The study showed how tablets are used in the corporate environment: what approaches are used by IT managers regarding employees to use tablets in their work, whether companies plan their purchases, and how tablets affect work efficiency, which have advantages and difficulties. Comparison of tablets with devices of other types was carried out, it was found out how tablets meet the expectations of IT leaders. Dell customers, company executives and CIOs around the world can use the results of the study in their work when planning an IT strategy now and in the future. The results of the study are available in English .

    And these are far from all the reports delivered on this day at the Forum. These and other performances we posted on the slideshare.

    Their list is under the spoiler.

    What was shown in demo zones

    The Dell Solutions Forum consisted not only of reports: its other large part was the demonstration areas of Dell and partners, where you could watch and feel the news.

    Dell Venue 11 Pro 7140 Transformer Tablet with Intel Core M Processors

    One of the main premieres of the day was the new generation of the tablet transformer Dell Venue 11 Pro 7140 with Intel Core M.

    The world premiere of the transformer took place a week earlier, on November 5th. But on November 14, journalists and guests of the Forum got the opportunity for the first time in Russia to see the model with their own eyes. Venue 11 Pro 7140 is the successor to the previous generation of 7130 tablets, but ahead of it in all respects: The

    novelty combines improvements, such as the appearance of LTE, with reasonable conservatism like the screen of the previous resolution (1920x1080 with the same 10.8 "diagonal, which remains the optimal resolution for devices on Windows with screens of such a diagonal), as well as the continuity of the dock connector.

    Despite the fact that the Venue 11 Pro 7140 has become thinner and lighter than its predecessor, it cannot be said that it pursues dimensions for the sake of dimensions: the thickness of the tablet case allowed to accommodate a full-fledged USB 3.0 port.

    Powerful filling - Intel Core i5 processor, up to 8 GB of RAM, up to 256 GB SSD and a slot for SD-cards - make it an excellent tool for solving work problems.

    It is not surprising that the new Dell Venue 11 Pro, equipped with an integrated smart card reader and fingerprint scanner, was taken as the basis for a joint solution by Dell and the Russian developer of IT security solutions - Aladdin R.D.":" Dell Venue 11 Pro Security Protected Tablet. " Another joint development by Dell and Aladdin R.D. was also presented at the Forum: “Dell Wyse Secure Thin Client.”

    The solution provides for strict authentication in the corporate network when connecting a USB token, smart card, or Secure MicroSD JaCarta token to the tablet through specialized slots and ports. Security policies are administered on the tablet using JMS (JaCarta Management System). And for the usual work with Windows applications and corporate documents, Secret Disk data protection and JaCarta SecurLogon secure access tools are provided.

    In turn, the joint “Dell Wyse Secure Thin Client” solution allows you to work with JaCarta PKI tokens and smart cards in the Dell Wyse T10 and Dell Wyse D10D thin clients running ThinOS operating system with built-in software clients from Citrix and VMware without additional settings.

    Together with the Venue 11 Pro 7140, a docking keyboard-station is supplied: it is a full-featured, easy-to-use keyboard, which also has an additional battery for greater autonomy:

    Sales are expected to start in January, the price order is comparable to other “professional” Windows tablets - from $ 800

    Continuing the direction of protecting corporate devices, in addition to the Dell Latitude Rugged, protective covers for Dell Venue Pro tablets - the Targus Rugged Max Pro Case, as well as a medical case for Dell Venue 8 Pro, which allows the tablet to be sanitized - were announced - Dell Tablet Healthcare Case .

    Protective Targus Rugged Max Pro Case.

    Dell Latitude 14 Rugged Extreme and Latitude 12 Rugged Extreme

    The Dell Latitude Rugged Extreme range of ultra-secure notebooks is designed to automate work in harsh environments. The Latitude 12 Rugged Extreme model is presented in a two-in-one form factor and combines laptop functionality and tablet mobility. The robust mounting mechanism for the new device is borrowed from the premium Dell XPS laptops.

    All Dell Latitude Rugged Extreme laptops are made of durable materials, internal drives are sealed in containers with rubber seals to protect them from vibration, dust and moisture, and the fourth-generation QuadCool cooling system ensures uninterrupted operation of devices at extremely low and high temperatures.

    Notebooks Dell Latitude Rugged Extreme have been tested for compliance with military standards MIL-STD-810G (protection against liquid contamination, low pressure, resistance to mechanical shock and falling from a height of human growth, etc.), IEC 60529 (IP-65) ( dustproof shell and protection against water jet without pressure), MIL-STD-461F and ANSI / ISA.12.12.01 (compatibility with other types of equipment). They are equipped with fourth-generation Intel Core processors and high-speed solid-state drives with a maximum capacity of 512 GB, as well as the latest technologies for remote control (Intel vPro) and support mobile Internet access and GPS.

    Resistive multi-touch display with anti-reflective coating provides excellent visibility in direct sunlight and allows you to work even with thick gloves and when moisture gets on the screen. A distinctive feature of the new laptops is a sealed keyboard with customizable RGB backlight for convenient work in any lighting conditions.

    To demonstrate the real protection capabilities of Dell Latitude Rugged Extreme laptops, a demonstrative execution of one of them was arranged at the Forum:

    How we threw to the floor and watered our laptop

    The laptop survived a crash test without sacrificing its performance.

    Features Dell Latitude 14 Rugged Extreme

    Dell Venue 8 7000 series with 3D camera

    The Dell Venue 8 7000 series tablet with a 3D camera is equipped with three cameras on the rear panel at once: in addition to the main one (at the bottom), there are two more located in the center of the back cover:

    Intel RealSense 3D camera allows you to use a gesture control system, record 3D video and shoot frames with multiple focus, which can then be adjusted already in the finished picture:

    Dell UltraSharp UP2715K 27-inch Monitor

    Forum guests could get acquainted with one of the most advanced monitors in the world: the world's first touchscreen display with a resolution of 5K (5120 × 2880) and support for multi-touch input. 5K resolution is four times the number of QHD points and seven times the resolution of Full HD.

    We present this development as a new approach to organizing a workplace: an ultra-high-resolution touch screen and an ergonomic horizontal touch-sensitive working panel, which allows working with both touch and stylus and other tools, forms a “smart desktop”.

    Dell technology

    One of the most popular objects of the Forum was the Dell booth, which demonstrated the company's own development of a computer control system using gestures. Similar technologies are already used by other manufacturers, but we managed to achieve more accurate gesture recognition, which anyone could check for themselves with a special game in which you could throw balls with a wave of your hand (who did not dream of doing this on the old famous Windows screensaver with soap bubbles ?).

    Dell accessories

    Dell Cast
    “Whistle” Dell Cast was not officially presented at the Forum, but even acquaintance in absentia makes it a very interesting gadget for the mass audience:

    In fact, it allows you to turn any display with an HDMI output into an external display for your Dell tablet or laptop. Information about the insides, the data transfer protocol, the availability of OS on board and other details will appear later when the official premiere of Dell Cast.

    Backpack display
    Intel showed everyone who wanted a backpack with an integrated display. According to company representatives, this is an idea for group sports - for example, with group runs you can monitor the pulse and speed of the partner. However, you can display absolutely any data on this display:

    Day results

    The Dell Solutions Forum in Moscow lasted only 6 hours, but thanks to the richness and density of information, the majority of participants felt as if they had a particularly difficult working day. The final chord was the celebration of Dell's 30th anniversary and a birthday cake.

    So, in short, our Dell 2014 Solution Forum was held. We hope that our guests were as interested in visiting it as we were organizing it :)

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