We invite you to GDG DevFest Voronezh 2014

    Fans of Google, developers and enthusiasts, are waiting for you at the third annual conference GDG DevFest Voronezh 2014 , which will be held on December 13 and 14 ( not to be confused with GDG DevFest Omsk ) .

    Expert presentations, reports on the most pressing issues in the Google world, communication with like-minded people, lots of fun and positive emotions for the coming year - all this awaits you at GDG DevFest. Let's talk about Wearables, Google Glass, Polymer, Android development, browsers, Material Design and much, much more.

    About GDG DevFest

    The DevFest Voronezh conference has been held for the third year in a row and gathers more than 200 participants: developers, IT specialists, IT faculty students, teachers, all who are interested in Google technology. GDG DevFest conference in Russia is going to only in three cities: Moscow, Voronezh and Omsk.

    For Voronezh, such a conference becomes a unique event - specialists and interesting speakers with author presentations from different countries and cities speak along with Voronezh speakers. For example, last time, IT specialists from Berlin, Delhi, Moscow, Bucharest, Kharkov and Voronezh told how to develop applications using various Google technologies: Android, Google App Engine, Google Native Client, Google Glass. You can read about the GDG DevFest Voronezh conference in 2012 here or here , photo report .

    Event Schedule

    The first day of GDG DevFest in Voronezh, we will devote to communication and reports. Eight excellent speakers will immediately speak to the guests. The reports will be divided into several thematic blocks. Artem Markushev and Andrey Yanovsky will discuss the use of Material Design in the development of mobile applications and websites. The report of Alexander Suevalov will be dedicated to Polymer. Timur Gaskarov from Yandex will share his vision of the future of browsers. A keynote of the conference will be Android Wear. 4 speakers will talk about the platform right away: Alexey Rybakov, Vlad Zotov, Vadim Kotov and Valery Kharitonov. Schedule of speeches can be found on the official website of the conference .

    Second day- training Design Sprint on development technologies for Wearable devices: LG G Watch and Moto 360. You can learn how to create applications for wearable electronics and at the end of the day implement and test it on a real device! Aleksey Rybakov, one of the creators of the unique M2M platform DeviceHive and developer of a smart home control system using Google Glass, will take part in the sprint .

    Come for knowledge

    GDG DevFests is a truly global movement. Thousands of adherents of Google technology annually gather in different parts of the world to chat with colleagues and share experiences. Come to DevFest, join the Google Developer Groups and create the future with us.

    When and where

    The two-day event, moreover, takes place at different venues: December
    13 , 10:00 - Voronezh, Universitetskaya Square, 1. December
    14 , 10:00 - Voronezh, DataArt office, ul. Stankevich, 36, 4th floor.

    We are waiting for you! And do not forget to register . Participation is free. Limited number of seats.

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