Improving mobile sites with Google Developers in Russian

    Hello, Habr!

    In mid-November, we said that Google would flag pages optimized for smartphones and tablets in search results . In the results of our search in Russian, these notes can be seen starting this week.

    The network may come across sites that are inconvenient, and sometimes simply impossible to view on a mobile device due to the lack of appropriate optimization. To help site owners avoid user dissatisfaction when viewing their resources on the Internet, we have prepared a guide in Russian with recommendations on creating websites optimized for mobile.

    How to make the mobile version of the site better?

    Our guide is divided into seven sections, covering the main problems in indexing content with the Google Crawler and displaying it on mobile devices. Each section contains a very short description of the problems and possible solutions, where required - corresponding illustrations are given. Of course, for many developers, English is the second native language, and they will understand the materials in the original, but this guide is designed not only for experienced webmasters, but also for novice users who create personal pages and sites without the help of professionals, and with Russian-language guide is always easier to discuss the problem with the ever-busy bosses.

    Guide to action

    Not sure where to start? Especially for you, we have prepared an excellent guide on how to test your site for compatibility with mobile devices , what to do to improve it and how to monitor how Google search engine works with the mobile version of your site.

    What else to read

    Modern WEB

    A year ago, about 66% of the adult and solvent population of the global network used both desktops / laptops and mobile devices to access it. More than 17% of total Internet traffic is generated only by smartphones and tablets. Modern technologies have made the Internet closer, simplified website development, allowed carrying eight-core processors and QuadHD screens in your pocket, working on the go and receiving HD video at a speed of 100 km / h, but, unfortunately, they cannot fix the mistakes for us that we allowed when creating sites in the past. Most of the recommendations and tips require a minimum of time to implement and greatly facilitate the life of users of smartphones and tablets. Let's make mobile browsing better together.

    And finally, a poll!

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    What annoys you the most about mobile sites?

    • 60.7% Text is too small and tiny links that are difficult to click on. 294
    • 47.1% Need to use horizontal page scrolling. 228
    • 59% Traveled pictures and non-playable content. 286
    • 60.7% Interstitial advertising banners without identification marks and a clear opportunity to close them. 294
    • 16.1% Redirect Errors. 78
    • 14.2% Errors in cross-references. 69
    • 4.7% A lot of things annoy me and I’ll write about it in the comments now. 23

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