Modern authentication methods and iOS device security

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Today we will post two new reports from our #MBLTDev mobile developers conference , which was held at the end of October in Moscow.

Both reports are dedicated to security: one from the head of EMEA PayPal Tim Messerschmidt about modern types of authentication, the second from the leading viaForensics security engineer Andrei Belenko about the security of iOS devices.

Tim urged to refuse passwords and told how they can be replaced. “8.5% of users use Password as their password or 123456 45% leave the site instead of recovering the password or answering security questions. - said Tim. “To increase security, we at PayPal suggest using wearable devices or passwordless authentication (such as OpenID).”


Andrei said that in an iOS application it may go wrong where there are security problems and how to fix them. And also, what you need to pay attention to when developing applications from a security point of view and what absolutely can not be done.


On Thursday, wait for the video on trilateration using iBeacon.

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