A few interesting and useful things for web developer # 34

    Good day, dear Khabravchians. Recently, I saw several interesting and useful tools / libraries / events that I want to share with Habr.

    Firefox for iOS

    So far this is just an operating time, but the idea is simply magnificent.

    SVG Edit

    A great tool for editing SVG directly in the browser. In general, with the proliferation of high-resolution displays, the community of web developers is increasingly discussing all kinds of ways to interact with SVG. The idea of ​​another simple and open editor is very appropriate, and the functionality is able to satisfy all the needs of front-end developers. Sources here . I also want to add that the project does not stand still and is constantly evolving.


    A quality script for creating responsive galleries. It supports all the gestures of zoom that are already familiar to us, flipping and closing the lightbox with a swipe up (an excellent UX solution that was the first to be used on Facebook if I'm not mistaken). Support for History API, keyboard control, loading indicator, smart lazy loading and buttons for sharing.

    var openPhotoSwipe = function() {
        var pswpElement = document.querySelectorAll('.pswp')[0];
        // build items array
        var items = [
                src: 'https://placekitten.com/600/400',
                w: 600,
                h: 400
                src: 'https://placekitten.com/1200/900',
                w: 1200,
                h: 900
        // define options (if needed)
        var options = {
    			 // history & focus options are disabled on CodePen        
          	history: false,
          	focus: false,
            showAnimationDuration: 0,
            hideAnimationDuration: 0


    A good solution for creating beautiful and responsive download indicators. ProgressBar.js provides 3 main types of indicators (line, round and square) and many options for animation: color, thickness, softening function, duration, etc. Everything is as simple as possible:

    var circle = new ProgressBar.Circle('#example-circle-container', {
        color: '#FCB03C',
        strokeWidth: 2,
        fill: '#aaa'
    circle.animate(1, function() {

    WordPress Plugin Boilerplate


    A convenient service for aggregating the interests and usefulness of smiles . Astral is synchronized with GitHub, and allows you to create tags for all your zastarenyh zvezdanutyh projects.

    Western thoughts or what it would be worth translating into Habré:

    They say and show domestic IT resources:


    • Gifify - Converts videos to optimized .gif.
    • Yosemite San Francisco Font
    • io.js - fork of NodeJS.
    • Awesome public datasets
    • txt.js - style fonts using JavaScript and Canvas.
    • perfBar is an analytical tool for evaluating project performance.
    • Laroux.js is another compact analogue of jQuery for modern browsers.
    • Flexie is a polyfile for flex-box support.
    • Charted.js is another charting library.
    • SVG Morpheus - a script for animating SVG during deformation.
    • Flow - Static type analysis in JS from Facebook.
    • Format.js is a localization library from Yahoo.
    • CSSplot - CSS graphics.
    • Yumpu ePaper - WordPress plugin that generates an e-book in ePub format from your blog.
    • http2 - HTTP2 support for Go.
    • Comcast - as part of the test creates artificial connections to the server.
    • Kuma is a project from Mozilla on Django on which MDN is built.
    • Rocket - App Container runtime.
    • youtube-dl - a utility for downloading videos from Youtube and other similar sites.
    • Detekt - lalware triaging tool in Python.
    • Spider is a new programming language or JavaScript without surprises.
    • A very cool video from the IIDF - “Weekdays of a startup”.

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