Food Design Digest, November 2014

    For four years now I have been publishing regular reviews of recent articles on the topic of interfaces, new tools and collections of patterns, interesting cases and historical stories. From the tapes of several hundred thematic subscriptions, approximately 5% of the publications worth publishing are selected, which are interesting to share. Previous materials: April 2010-October 2014 .

    Food Design Digest, November 2014

    Patterns and Best Practices

    Website Style Guide Resources A
    voluminous collection of materials on live website guidelines. Articles, books, manuals, podcasts, conference reports, tools, and real-world examples are all put together, conveniently cataloged, and regularly updated. I will take out a powerful comparison table of frameworks and ready-made solutions .

    Fluid-Touch Design
    Ralph Thomas parses the quick-add floating-button interface solution for Google’s Inbox mail client. It allows you to reduce the number of clicks due to quite comfortable gestures. True, they are not easy to find, but as a shortcut, the solution is excellent. Luke Wroblewski also parses its pros .

    Search engine on top of a huge collection of real "marketing" designs. You have the ability to filter the results by page type, industry used by CMS, level of traffic. So look for direct queries like "landing pages" or "home pages on squarespace". The resource will be useful to designers, marketers, product managers for finding inspiration and solutions.

    High Performance Map Interactions Using HTML5 Canvas
    Ed Kelley talks about solving a rather non-trivial task - presenting a stadium map on the mobile web with wide selection of venues.

    Design Details: Inbox by Google
    Brian Lovin parses the interface patterns of the Inbox app for iOS.

    Eye-tracking: cases and insights
    Yuri Granovsky reviewed the studies of the golden triangle.

    Form Usability: Getting 'Address Line 2' Right
    About the problems of the "Address 2" field when placing the basket. This is specific to Western online stores, but many specialists work in foreign markets.

    uiGIFs - Animated UI inspiration in your inbox every Monday
    Gallery of uiGIFs with examples of animation in applications.

    Another Dribbble-like community.

    User understanding

    The Rise of the Phablet: Designing for Larger Phones
    Steven Hoober that large screens are not a big problem as most users do not use the phone with one hand.

    60 ways to understand user needs that aren't focus groups or surveys
    David Travis lists 60 ways to understand user needs.

    Typography & Dyslexia
    Bigelow & Holmes Slovenia cast doubt on the effectiveness of special fonts for dyslexics.

    Take Note, Facebook: How Colleges Are Training Designers To Treat Users Like More Than Lab Rats
    Fast Co Design about the ethics of hidden user research and university programs that teach professionals not to cross the line.

    Information architecture, conceptual design, content strategy

    Alexey Kopylov - Introduction to the Customer Journey Map
    Video recording of the webinar and slides of the presentation by Alexei Kopylov “Introduction to the Customer Journey Map” at the School of Interface Design.

    CJM Online
    An online service for creating a Customer Journey Map from the Minsk company UXPresso and the developer ReactiveBit.

    System Thinking and UX
    A Stew Dean article based on his talk at the EuroIA 2014 conference on systems thinking in design. He parses its application to interfaces in great detail and parses the problems of popular approaches to solving design problems. The first part .

    Design and design of interface screens

    Atomic - Design the Future
    What a week without a new interface design tool? Atomic also promises a modern approach to prototyping mobile and team work on it. No wonder at the recent Google design conference Form was a separate panel for the creators of such products. The guys have already managed to launch their Designer News .

    New About Material Design

    New to Sketch

    New for Apple Watch

    New for Android Wear

    New for iPhone 6

    New for iOS7 / iOS8 Spaces
    Library of ready-made solutions for the online tool for designing mobile and tablet sites and applications

    Prott - Rapid Prototyping & Radical Collaboration
    Another application for rapid prototyping on mobile.

    User research and testing, analytics

    Navilytics - Powerfully simple tools at your disposal
    An interesting web analytics service with advanced features. It allows you to record the sequence of actions on the page, gives out heat maps, page scrolling funnels, analyze forms and different areas of the page, and segment it all.

    How Chartbeat Improves Media Sites
    How AiF works with Chartbeat to increase product performance. It tracks user engagement as a complement to traditional metrics such as viewing depth.

    Opinion of Yana Moskvina: Just in case: on Chartbeat a really separate person needs to be planted - he updates too much information in real time, and his head hurts from every second blinking of the screen. If you want to try the free option, and without a ripple in your eyes, then you can use the Realtime report in Google Analytics and the Yandex.Metrica Webvisor.

    Generally speaking, instead of enlightenment, a media site can quickly slide into a show for users - to show everyone only the most clickable. The task of "tying" the pages is good, trafigenerera. But really it is necessary to approach wisely.

    An introduction to user research techniques
    A guide to user research from GOV.UK. Continuing the topic:

    Recruiting User Research Participants by Email
    Jim Ross on how to find users for research via email. The article describes the scenario and pitfalls.

    A Guide To Conducting A Mobile UX Diagnostic
    Lyndon Cerejo on a variation of the peer review method that is more formalized and tailored to the script.

    How To Run User Tests At A Conference
    An excellent manual for conducting user research at conferences from Daniel Suable. At first a lot of water, but the second half of the case. Continuing the topic:

    Refining Your Mobile Onboarding Experience Using Visual Analytics
    Alon Even from AppSee’s mobile analytics team on how to track the performance of onboarding on mobile. In the first half, the default categorization of approaches is quite enough, on the topic begins later.

    Visual programming

    Tumult Hype Pro 3
    Another modern tool for designers, the third version of Hype Pro. They promise interactive reusable animated objects with a physical model and adaptability for sites, iBooks, advertising.

    The Art of UI Animations
    Workshop with Mark Geyer about animations in the interface. Pretty interesting feed format, runs in the browser. The workshop itself is very informative. Mark Geyer works in the research and development department of Salesforce.

    Another tool for creating visual sites. This is the Norm Sheeran Mac app, which is essentially a smart strapping over Bootstrap. A small screencast and video work .

    Form is Joining Google
    Google bought Form, an Origami-like tool for interactive prototyping. Among the obvious advantages is the ability to interact with the prototype on the device on the fly, just like using Sketch Mirror.

    New scripts

    Designers Code Differently
    Meng To about coding designers and their differences from developers.

    Styling And Animating SVGs With CSS
    Sara Soueidan's extensive CSS styling and animation guide for CSS. Continuing the topic:

    Metrics and ROI

    5-Steps For Getting Started Measuring The Customer Experience
    Jeff Sauro Tips on Calculating CX Based on the Importance of Product Features.

    Management of front-end projects, processes and teams

    About Face 4: Chapter 6: Creative Teamwork
    UXMatters publishes the sixth chapter of the fourth edition of About Face. Continuing the topic:

    Beyond the UX Tipping Point
    Jared Spool on the tipping point of UX adoption in organizations. It becomes irreversible when a company no longer agrees to compromise on user experiences. Now technology is beginning to adapt to the required experience, and not vice versa. Jared rephrases the UX levels of company maturity:
    1. Dark Ages UX;
    2. Random investments and projects;
    3. UX begins to be included in the team. After this stage, the very turning point of non-return may come when the company moves to the next stage.
    4. Integration of UX and services.

    Zeplin - Collaboration app for UI designers & frontend developers
    Zeplin desktop application for collaboration between designers and developers. Connects to Sketch and will soon be able to Photoshop, facilitates the transfer of specifications. Facebook group .

    Gibbon - Peer-to-peer learning for your organization
    An interesting service for organizing the exchange of knowledge within the company and team, as well as the quick inclusion of newcomers into the workflow.

    Hanno Playbook
    Excellent detailed training manual on the design project from the studio Hanno. Less about specific techniques, more about the general process and building relationships with the client. Announcement of its launch .

    Wake - Open Your Design Process
    Wake service for team work on layouts and mudboards. Lets you upload and discuss your design and put together a collection of examples.

    Where to find great UX candidates
    Irene Au on where to find candidates for UX positions. It is written for the USA, but partially relevant for our market.

    Product Management and Analytics

    5 Mistakes We All Make with Product Feedback
    Des Traynor writes on the Intercom blog about 5 errors that should be avoided when working with user reviews about your product. His tips: divide users into groups; constantly collect feedback; Separate paying and free users not follow the opinion of the “high-profile minority”; double-check the requirements of users, trying to determine their motives. Continuing the topic:

    Data-Informed Design: Three Data Stories
    Pamela Pavliscak begins a series of publications on working with data analytics in interface design. The first of them is devoted to tasks that help to solve such data - to convince someone, improve something, research.

    Methodologies, Procedures, Standards

    Departmental order “On the approval of the professional standard“ Specialist in the design of graphic and user interfaces ””
    The text of the professional standard “Specialist in the design of graphic and user interfaces” went to the minister for approval.


    Building SoundCloud
    An interesting story by Michael Nino Evensen about how the iPhone application SoundCloud was redone, one of the most interesting this year. Very detailed and with lots of details.

    New cases of design and redesign

    Modern editorial CMS

    4 Things HealthCare.Gov 2.0 Gets Right (And 5 Things It Still Gets Wrong)
    Designers are discussing the second version of the portal, the launch of which last year was accompanied by a lot of usability and technical problems.


    The Evolution of the Title Bar Buttons
    Karla Urbina is studying the evolution of the now familiar buttons for closing, minimizing and maximizing the application window in desktop OS. Interestingly, in many cases, it all started with a burger icon. Continuing the topic:

    A brief history of content strategy
    Translation into Russian of the history of the discipline of content strategy, the interest in which has been growing rapidly in recent years. They first talked about her in 1997-1998, and in 2009 there was an explosion of interest.


    IBM Design
    In the coming weeks, IBM will introduce its design language, which promises to be one of the largest among large companies at the level of BBC GEL and Material Design. It will appear on the IBM Design website. So far, there is general information about the company's initiatives, but in a recent speech, Phil Gilbert (head of corporation design) spoke in sufficient detail about these guidelines (specifics begin in the second half).

    The IBM design language will describe general principles, visual and interface guidelines, techniques and tools. In particular, they proposed their own variation of design thinking, which is more pragmatic and applicable in real life. Judging by the shown sketches of real products, this falls on the life of the corporation very cool.

    The company has been over a hundred years old and during this time it has been able to reinvent itself and overcome difficult crises several times. They approached the design as systematically as they did everything else - the strategy for its implementation in the life of the company is impressive, as well as the scale (the staff of designers should reach 1000 people). Announcements can be followed on the team’s Twitter .

    HP Sprout is a Bold Attempt to Reimagine the Desktop PC
    Last week, HP showed a reckless concept for a new desktop computing experience for Sprout designers. Instead of a keyboard, it has a projected touch surface, which, together with a 3D camera, changes the usual format of work. Moreover, this is already a working product that can be bought for $ 1899. The authors of other well-known concepts give their assessment .

    Checkout / login designers, this is your new bar: ONE tap / NO forms
    A radical simplification of the checkout process on mobile, possible with the widespread use of fingerprint scanners.

    The End of Apps as We Know Them
    Paul Adams predicts that applications will be used less and less. Users will increasingly interact with streams of interactive cards with content or notifications from applications than with the applications themselves. He later clarified the article .

    Designing to Co-Designing to Collective Dreaming - Three Slices in Time
    Liz Sanders and Pieter Stappers take a look at the history of collaboration between designers, researchers, developers and users and prophesy the active development of co-design practices now and in the future. Many companies come to such thoughts.

    Physical Web - Walk up and use anything A
    Google Physical Web initiative that aims to standardize so that you don’t have to have an app for every home appliance. Lukas Mathis

    Web Apps is
    about hybrid apps and general mobile development trends.

    Professional Development

    Background studies. How much to read, know and don’t go nuts (presentation by Yuri Vetrov)
    My presentation about the approach of background research from the World Usability Day 2014 conference. How much to read, know and don’t go nuts. The complexity of modern products is growing, and the format of modern product teams is becoming more dynamic. A fairly high level of professional erudition is expected from us, which can be difficult to recruit, and maintaining it is even more difficult.

    I work closely with information on the profession and structure my understanding of its areas with which I work or will probably work in the future. Initially spent a lot of time on this, but gradually learned to cope with this hellish stream, so now it takes an hour and a half a day. In the presentation he told why I consider it important, how the information flows are arranged and how this helps me in practice. There are VERY many links to all kinds of collections and lists. Some are already complete, some are still just going.

    7 Rules for Creating Gorgeous UI
    7 rules for creating beautiful interfaces for non-designers from Erik D. Kennedy. Very accessible language and with good examples, although sometimes unsystematic. The second part of the article .

    Time with Users: Set Personal and Company Goals
    Jakob Nielsen describes the TRP user guidelines for all members of the product team. The article has an amusing sign of the importance of regular participation in research for different specialists.

    Online course “Visualization. Basics »The
    first lectures of the free online course of Tanya Bibikova (Misyutina) on the basics of data visualization became available.

    Scott Jehl's Responsible Responsive Design Book
    In continuation of the “color series” of A Book Apart, Scott Jehl's Responsible Responsive Design was released. Considered many aspects of design and design while supporting adaptability for mobile and web versions of the product.

    User Experience Salaries & Calculator (2014)
    Jeff Sauro processed the results of a UXPA salary survey. The main factors are the position held and the geographical position of the job. You can also experiment with a payroll calculator. Continuing the topic:

    9 basic principles of responsive web design
    Froont service designers have prepared a visual overview of the principles of responsive design in the form of 9 animations. Translation into Russian .

    People and companies in the industry

    AMA: I'm Julie Zhuo, director of product design @ Facebook
    A Q & A session with Facebook product design head Julie Zhuo on Designer News. Translation of individual questions into Russian . Other AMA sessions:

    Shopping for design studios by large companies

    Conference proceedings

    Google FORM 2014
    Video of speeches from the Google Form 2014 conference, which was held November 4-5 in San Francisco, USA. It was dedicated to a combination of design and technology and included a powerful lineup of speakers from trendy Internet services. Some interesting presentations:

    Video report from Vitaly Friedman’s seminar at Mail.Ru Group
    On November 14-15, Vitaly Friedman did an extended workshop in the office of Mail.Ru Group, in which he spoke in detail about many of the techniques for optimizing the performance of an adaptive website. Our colleagues published a video of the lecture preceding the training. There are not all 8 hours, but a lot of interesting things.

    UX Immersion 2014
    Video of speeches from the UX Immersion 2014 conference, which was held April 7-9 in Denver, USA. Some interesting presentations:

    Midwest UX 2014
    Video of speeches from the Midwest UX 2014 conference, which was held October 23-25 ​​in Indianapolis, USA. Speakers worth paying attention to: Stephen Andeson, Jared Spool, Peter Morville, Mark Rolston, Jon Kolko, Steven Hoober.

    UX in Japan (presentation by Takumi Yoshida)
    Report by Takumi Yoshida with ORIENT Uxpress. Much and interesting about the difference in product design for the eastern and western markets, with real examples on Sony / Nokia products, etc. Cultural and cross-national differences in the construction of mental models of interaction, perception of patterns are considered. Continuing the topic:

    ConveyUX 2014
    Video of speeches from the ConveyUX 2014 conference, which was held February 5-7 in Seattle, USA.

    Fresh links can also be tracked in the same Facebook group . Thanks to everyone who also publishes links in it, especially Gennady Dragun, Pavel Skripkin, Dmitry Podluzhny and Anton Artemov. More and more materials appear in reviews thanks to them.

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