21 million measurements showed who has the fastest Internet in the Capital

    December 2, 2014

    Following an analysis of the speed and quality of Moscow mobile operators ( TelecomDaily news of July 2, 2014 ), VIGO, together with the country's leading online cinemas, conducted an analysis of the quality of fixed Internet in Moscow.

    The methodology is based on data obtained using the technology platform directly from the largest Russian video services. VIGO specialists in real time “see” with what speed and quality subscribers of Moscow Internet providers are viewing online video.

    According to the results of 20.5 million measurements from August to October, taking place automatically with each video preview in the Moscow region (Moscow and the region), 2KOM subscribers have the best conditions in the field of speed of access to video content. The average speed of their video viewing is 13.6 Mbit / s. Users of this company are less likely than others to stop watching online video without waiting for it to download.
    The worst average speed indicators are for the MGTS provider, whose subscribers watch online video at an average speed of 7.8 Mbit / s and more often than others interrupt the video.

    About VIGO

    VIGO is working on new technologies in the field of mobile data. The company's products are based on the concept of finding solutions to existing challenges of the industry through cooperation between Internet services and mobile operators. In November 2013, VIGO introduced UXZoom, the first methodology for measuring the quality of mobile Internet, based on data from video services.

    Moscow. Rating of fixed operators by average speed and VDI

    VIGO introduces the concept of Video Delivery Indicator for the first time. The advantage of VDI is its ability to take into account both the traditional technological parameter - average speed and user-defined quality characteristics of video views - the share of views interrupted by subscribers themselves at the time of buffering (video drops).

    VDI (Video Delivery Indicator) is equal to the ratio of the average speed to the average share of video drops. Video drops characterizes the extreme degree of customer dissatisfaction with the quality of video viewing.

    According to the results of 20.5 million measurements taken from August to October of this year in Moscow, the best conditions in the field of quality of online video delivery in ChNN are for subscribers of 2KOM, Smile, Iskratelecom, Gorkom, Vimpelcom and Megafon. Their subscribers have the highest maximum average speed *, they are less likely than others to stop watching online video without waiting for it to download, and they are least expected to watch it.

    * - excluded services in which there are speed limits

    Moscow. Viewing timeout

    Below is the statistics on the waiting time when viewing *, which does not take into account the time of the first buffering, buffering after rewinding and changing the bit rate, if they are no more than 10 seconds.

    Least of all, subscribers are forced to wait for online video to be uploaded to the Gorkom network, and the longest to MGTS.

    * - excluded views with a duration of less than 10 seconds


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