Using AdDuplex for Universal Applications

    Today, placing advertising banners in the application is a popular way to monetize solutions. Adduplex - is one of the convenient services for the implementation of contextual advertising in Windows / Windows Phone applications.

    The presence of SDKs and friendly APIs allows you to quickly install the necessary set of tools and get an advertising element in the application in a few steps.

    Let's see how this happens in practice.


    If you do not already have an AdDuplex account, you should register at . Registration will take no more than a minute.

    Now register in AdDuplex the application in which you want to place an advertising banner. Click on “New app”: Fill in the appropriate fields. Adduplex allows not to specify the application URL if it has not yet been published in the store: Now we have an AppID that will need to be specified when adding an item to the application page: In 4 steps, we draw up an advertising banner (in the form of text or text with an image): Save and after verification, we receive a notification in the browser: We complete the registration of the application by adding a link to it in the store:

    We proceed to add an advertising banner to the application.

    Add AdDuplex to the app.

    In the Visual Studio Extensions Gallery, find and download the AdDuplex Universal SDK for universal applications (Windows 8.1 / Windows Phone 8.1) on XAML (C # / VB.NET and C ++).

    Install this SDK and add the
    “References ...” -> “Add New Reference ...” link to the project in the “Solution Explorer”

    window . In the next window “Windows 8.1” / “Windows Phone 8.1” -> “Extensions” select “AdDuplex SDK for Windows 8.1 (XAML edition) ”, and in the application for Windows Phone 8.1“ AdDuplex SDK for Windows Phone 8.1 (XAML edition) ”, respectively.

    After connecting all the necessary components, we proceed to work with the application.

    Open the MainPage.xaml file in the project and connect AdDuplex.Controls:

    Windows 8.1

    Windows Phone 8.1

    Add an AdControl element to the page:

    Windows 8.1

    Banner sizes for Windows 8.1 applications: 160x600, 250x125, 250x250, 292x60, 300x250, 500x130 and 728x90.

    Windows Phone 8.1

    This SDK can also be used in standalone Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 (XAML) applications.

    Detailed instructions in Russian are available at the following link .


    Adduplex shows itself as a worthy tool for the placement of contextual advertising, which does not cause much difficulty in implementation. You can get an advertising banner in the application within a few minutes.

    AdDuplex developers have prepared detailed documentation for mobile applications using HTML / JavaScript, Windows Phone 8.0, etc. It also contains examples of using AdDuplex in Unity.

    Especially for applications with AdDuplex SDK integration, it became possible to receive 500,000 impressions on the AdDuplex network by participating in the competition .

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