Facebook has updated the user agreement and is going to transfer data to third parties

    If you use Facebook, you have probably already seen the message that a new user agreement will come into force on January 1. We are already accustomed to such updates: either Google, MS, or Apple (right in the iPhone) roll out new “terms” and ask to put a tick. And we, without hesitation, set. But in vain! This update has a lot of interesting things: the

    social network allowed itself to distribute user data where necessary without special permission of a person (now there is a switch in the settings that disables data transfer to the side) - a new openness policy will begin for Russian users on January 1, 2015. Facebook allowed itself to give data to advertising companies, telecom operators and other interesting places.

    What is Facebook going to transfer to third parties? It turns out this:

    “Published posts, correspondence with other users of the social network, data on the location of a person, personal data when registering the user himself and the persons who communicate with him. The social network collects and stores with the possibility of transferring the above-mentioned third parties data on the user's payments on the social network, information on the number of his bank card and other information about it, as well as data on the accounts to which the payments were transferred and the delivery addresses of the goods.

    The subject of collection by the social network is, in addition, the contact information of the user himself, not only those that he enters during registration, but which are transmitted to him or other users through the internal Facebook messenger. The data from the address books of smartphones or tablets is also subject to collection if the user synchronizes them with Facebook

    Source: lenta.ru/news/2014/11/26/facebook

    UPDATE: in the comments there were indications that this was a fake, and where exactly Lenta.ru took these paragraphs - remains a mystery. "Medusa" figured out everything. We read and calm down:


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