LinkMeUp. Issue No. 21. Network Monitoring and Management Systems

    In the 21st issue of the podcast, we’ll talk about what the engineer and manager need to know about the network, what tools exist to simplify life, and optimize resources.

    If the abbreviations NMS, OSS, BSS, SNMP, CORBA say something to you, you will be interested. If they don’t speak, then even more so you need to listen.

    Moreover, Dmitry Volodin (author and developer of NOC) and Alexander Efremov (TL at Netcracker) will talk - these guys know a lot about network management.

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    1. Errors in configuring BGP ( link )
    2. Optical Transport SDN ( link )
    3. No privacy ( link )
    4. New speed record - 255 Tb / s ( ink )
    5. Another submarine fiber optic link ( link )
    6. New bill or not :) ( link and link ).

    System Hierarchy:

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    The main modules:

    • Availability Monitoring
      Checks the availability of elements and services, such as HTTP or DNS, for example.
    • Performance Monitoring
      Monitors the quantitative indicators of any resources - utilization of the interface, processor load, element temperature.
    • Inventory (Resource / Inventory Management)
      Responsible for accounting for physical and logical network resources.
    • Problem Management (Trouble Ticketing)
      It allows each problem to be formalized, appointed a responsible person, and identified steps to solve.
    • Fault Management
      It is a system for monitoring and managing alarms, which is designed to filter and correlate them in order to identify the root cause that generated the flow of interconnected alarms;
    • Order Fulfilment / Order Management
      A system that allows you to organize an “orchestration” of orders, split the entire process into a series of subprocesses, and automate some of them.
    • Work force management
      This module formalizes all the processes taking place in the company. Now any event or action will have an owner and a specific set of states. For example, the procedure for replacing faulty equipment.
    • Fraud Management Systems
      Designed to prevent and prevent cases of unauthorized and unpaid use of services of telecom operators;
    • Service Quality Management (SLA Management)
      Provides operational monitoring of services available to internal and external users;
    • Service Planning and Development Module (Service Provisioning Management)
      Allows you to predict the development of events and simulate a variety of scenarios;
    • Security Management (Security Management)
      Provides access control to network resources;
    • Accounting module (Accounting Management)
      Logs the usage time of various network resources.

    The terms used in the article can be found in the glossary .

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