New LittleBits - Now Banana (Actually With Wi-Fi)

    It happened! LittleBits (a set of electronics for beginners) finally got access to the Internet. An extensive collection of magnetic modules has replenished with the long-awaited CloudBit transmitter. If someone doesn’t know, LittleBits is something like LEGO for adults. LittleBits is a do-it-yourself modular electronic components kit.

    LittleBits kits include a lot of miniature modules: all kinds of buttons, servos, speakers, dimmers, switches, diodes and adapters, assembled into an electrical circuit without the use of soldering. To connect the modules, ordinary magnets are used, allowing you to create a wide variety of gadgets in a matter of minutes - from original children's toys to very complex robots running on Arduino. However, the latter will require programming skills from the user.

    In the new Smart Home Kit, users will find six fresh modules, including a network adapter, mp3 player, light sensor, temperature sensor, miniature LCD display and a wireless network module that supports Wi-Fi 802.11. As conceived by the creators, this kit can be used not only for exciting experiments in the field of electronics, but also as a partial replacement for newfangled "smart home" systems.

    Of course, with professional "smart electronics" like Nest and Sonos, it is too early to compete with the "beats." But the very idea of ​​providing the user with extremely flexible tools for automating their living space is causing a surge of enthusiasm.

    With a relatively low cost (the announced price is only $ 249), one SmartHome Kit can replace hundreds of special electronic devices, such as a remote control for household appliances or a tricky burglar alarm that responds to a dog barking. The presence of an Internet module makes the designer’s possibilities almost limitless, giving the user access to dozens of different mobile applications and allowing you to manage your modular gadgets using a tablet or smartphone.

    For example, users with amnesia attacks can build a useful “fridge guard” from the magnetic modules in a few minutes. The device will respond to an increase in temperature in the refrigerator and automatically send an SMS message to the host number, warning that he again forgot to slam the door.

    In general, for a geek, LittleBits is a real “chest with fairy tales”, the possibilities of which are limited only by the user's imagination. The Executive Director of the project, Ayah Bdeir, believes that modular sets have a significant advantage over traditional gadgets, as they allow the user to set the functionality of the future device himself, rather than impose ready-made solutions on him. On the other hand, LittleBits can be useful for electronic gadget developers themselves, as they provide a flexible platform for various experiments, and also save a lot of money and time at the design stage.
    Read more about LittleBits at Edurobotics .

    Where can one buy

    The original LittleBits designer is sold on the official website . You can purchase both kits of various configurations (KITS), and individual modules (BITS).

    In Chinese online stores you can buy analogues of LittleBits. Chinese manufacturers mark these designers as “compatible with LittleBits”. For example, on Aliexpress there are a bunch of analogues.


    Littlebits got a domestic counterpart this year. The project is called "Micro Parts", but so far the guys have not gone beyond creating an account on instagram and the VKontakte group . An interview with the founder of the project can be found here .
    At we sell Matryoshka and Electronics kits for beginners of Amperka company. At the same time, we see that there are more and more modular designers compatible with Arduino.
    We will devote a separate article to them.

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