HDConf Conference: Video Report


    On October 4 in Minsk, the Highload Dev Conf conference brought together more than 350 developers. Presentations were made by specialists in the development of highly loaded systems from Odnoklassniki, Amazon, Altoros, Wargaming, Coub, Aviasales, Badoo, etc.

    In the last article, we published a conference photo report and presentation slides. As promised, they downloaded the video reports.

    Denis Batalov "Principles of building highly loaded sites on the AWS platform" Amazon Web Services

    Denis detailed six basic principles for building highly loaded web applications using AWS services such as Route 53, Elastic Load Balancing, RDS, CloudFront, ElastiCache, DynamoDB, etc.

    Anton Shcherbakov “Fault tolerance on the example of aviasales - why even if our servers fall, users continue to buy tickets” by Aviasales.ru

    Anton, using the aviasales meta-search system as an example, examined the transition from a monolithic architecture of RoR applications to a tornado / python multi-tier internal development system in order to ease dependencies between subsystems, simplify data flow control and isolate emergency situations. Side effects of this transition were also considered.

    Kirill Aleshin “Lambda Architecture in Practice”

    He talked about topics such as the practicality of modern distributed file systems for storing structured data, the difficulty of synchronizing data at different Lambda levels, and presented several Big Data innovations for closing gaps in the traditional description of Lambda architecture.

    Sergey Averin “What you wanted to know about HandlerSocket, but couldn't google” Badoo

    Sergey told what HandlerSocket is, whether it is needed at all and “how to cook it”. In his report, Sergey shared the code of a self-written php client for HS, which is used in Badoo.

    Mikhail Tabunov “Analytical platform for several billion events per month” Coub.com.

    The founder of Coub.com talks about the development of the architecture of this system, how the requirements for such systems have changed and how they will change. Michael offers the most suitable analysis for this database system, with their problems, and experience of actual operation. How and why they settled on MongoDB, with all its minuses and pluses.

    Maxim Baryshnikov “What are typical problems of loaded projects and how they are solved in Wargaming”

    Maxim told what approaches and tools are practically used in Wargaming when processing data in a gigantic system. He also announced the list of issues addressed: NoSQL versus / with RDBMS or each tool in its place; Synchronous and asynchronous approaches to building systems: why asynchronous systems cannot be faster than synchronous, but asynchrony, however, is very useful; APIs and interfaces are an important component of a well-designed system; Performance vs Scalability; monitoring and profiling.

    Alexander Tobol “Cadres decide everything, or video streaming in Odnoklassniki”

    He talked about how Odnoklassniki managed to accelerate more than 10 times the start of watching movies and TV shows using adaptive streaming technologies MPEG-DASH and HLS. You will learn from which technologies and by what parameters they chose and what ultimately came out.

    More video reports can be seen on the HDconf channel .

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