Russian App Day - November 21 - Technopolis Moscow

    About six months ago, we decided to try to make a business conference about mobile applications - and made the App Summit , to which we invited a variety of companies and market experts to discuss pressing issues. The conference was successful, so we decided not to stop and do even better!

    In a week, on November 21, the first Russian App Day will be held in Moscow - a large business conference that we are doing together with RAEC and Apps4All .

    How is this conference different from others?

    1. Although this is a Microsoft conference, we are pleased to see many of our partners at it, including Google. :)
    2. Most conference speakers are not from Microsoft (including Yandex, Vkontakte, STS Media, Yota, Beeline, MTS, Viber, ABBYY, Acronis).

    3. We try to minimize the number of stories in the spirit of “look how good we are” and to talk more about what is happening on the market, what new opportunities are emerging and what you should pay attention to with an eye to the future.
    4. We thought that it was necessary to diversify the format of the conference, so we will have not only panel discussions, but also interviews and individual visionary lectures.
    5. We decided to almost completely abandon the classic “table + rollup + razdatka” stands in favor of interactive installations that will allow conference participants to personally feel the various new technologies.
    6. For the children of the conference participants, we decided to make a separate children's track.

    Separately, I note that this conference is not about development, so we, unfortunately, have to refuse reports to many mobile development studios, which though talk about what cool projects they do and how their developers create them. Colleagues, excuse us, we will be glad to see all of you at the conference as participants, I am sure you will find a lot of interesting things for yourself, and with interesting presentations at our conferences for developers.


    The opening of the conference will be devoted in general to what is happening in the market of mobile devices and applications: platforms, a lot of form factors and growing the market.

    • Vsevolod Leonov , Partner Program Director for Russia and the CIS, Google;
    • Alexander Lozhechkin , Director of Strategic Technology at CEE, Microsoft;
    • Daria Zolotukhina , Head of Marketing, Yandex.Taxi


    When planning the conference, we thought for a long time how to structure everything that we wanted to tell about ourselves or to ask those people who understand the relevant topics to tell. As a result, we settled on this structure:

    New business

    The track "New Business" is an industrial section of what is happening in the field of mobile applications. Both from the point of view of end users (consumer view), and from the point of view of business (corporate view).

    Today, almost every industry is being updated through mobilization, so we want to talk about new television, new media, new telecom, new payment systems, new banking, new retail, as well as changes in small business and a big city like Moscow.

    Discussion participants and speakers:
    • Alexey Pivovarov , Director for TV and Transmedia Projects, STS Media;
    • Andrey Kalugin , head of the hardware and entertainment platform group, Microsoft
    • Sofya Sokolova , rector of the School of New Media, chief editor of the portal;
    • Alexander Pyatigorsky , CDO, Beeline
    • Andrey Grigoryev , General Director, The Directors
    • Ilya Makarov , Project Manager, Contactless Payment Development Group, MTS
    • Anatoly Smorgonsky , CEO, Yota
    • Oleg Tinkov , Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tinkoff Credit Systems Bank
    • Sergey Podshivalin , Head of Mobile Internet Projects, Media Markt
    • Fedor Ovchinnikov , founder of the pizzeria "Dodo Pizza",
    • Vasily Cherny , CEO, MillionAgents
    • Egor Drozdov , project manager, Moscow
    • Dmitry Marchenko , Head of Business Development, Partners for Application and Cloud Services, Microsoft

    Application Trends

    We decided to make the second track about what is generally happening on the mobile application market and which is relevant for different industries. These are cross-industrial sections: from a general view on the development of technologies and new types of devices, to new trends in the promotion or use of mobile applications for solving various problems.

    Discussion participants and speakers:
    • Dmitry Khalin , Director of Technology Policy Department, Microsoft
    • Alexander Kruglov , Director of Customer Relations, Vkontakte;
    • Ilya Sidorov , Senior Specialist in New Products and Solutions, Google;
    • Mikhail Shklyaev , Deputy CEO, Adwatch Isobar
    • Evgeny Lisovsky , Marketing Director, Litres
    • Maria Guzovskaya , Head of Loyalty and Customer Relationship Management, Crossroads;
    • Alena Adamenko , Director of Business Development, Itella Connections;
    • Denis Seltzer , General Producer, Enlighted Digital
    • Dmitry Karpov , Curator of the course "Design in an interactive environment", BHSAD
    • Evgeny Roshchupkin , Marketing Director in Russia, Viber;
    • Ekaterina Solntseva , Vice President, Business Development, ABBYY;
    • Gaydar Magdanurov , Advisor to the CEO of Acronis, Director of Investment Runa Capital;
    • Daria May Day, Mobile Producer, Adwatch Isobar "
    • Artyom Shipitsyn , Co-founder and CEO, Healbe Corporation;
    • Georgy Mikaberidze , Co-Founder and Managing Director, Healbe Corporation
    • Alexander Vasiliev , Co-founder and CEO of Apps4All;
    • Anton Krokhmalyuk , Marketing Director of e-Legion;
    • Anatoly Sharifulin , CEO at and Alerter;
    • Bayram Annakov , CEO of Empatika, developer of the popular mobile travel app App in the Air

    Visual Studio 2015 launch in Russia

    This week we had a lot of very cool announcements around the next version of Visual Stidio 2015 and our cloud technologies. On November 21, my colleagues will talk in detail about all this in a special online- track within the framework of Russian App Day.

    In a programme:
    • ASP.NET vNext, Vladimir Yunev, Microsoft
    • Cross-platform development for iOS, Android and Windows, Tatyana Smetanina, Microsoft
    • Microsoft Azure cloud platform and tools, Alexander Belotserkovsky, Microsoft
    • Application lifecycle management, development and testing, DevOps methodology, Vladimir Gusarov, Dell
    • Debugging and profiling applications in Visual Studio, Stas Pavlov, Microsoft
    • .NET vNext and managed programming languages, Dmitry Soshnikov, Microsoft
    • Effective work in the integrated development environment Visual Studio 2015, Dmitry Andreev, Microsoft
    • C ++ in Visual Studio 2015, Dmitry Andreev, Microsoft

    Just in case, I repeat: if you want to listen about business, come to the conference with legs, if you are interested in development, we will broadcast the track about VS to online.


    The Russian App Day exhibition is a successful marketing case study of promotion using applications and new technologies that were implemented for companies such as L'Oreal, Volkswagen, Uniqlo, Avialesales, Megafon, the Russian Olympic Committee and VISA. You will be able to see and feel everything, as well as communicate with the agencies that implemented these projects. In addition, we will have interactive installations from the British School of Design.

    Pleasure for Habr

    Especially for Habrausers, we give a discount on the purchase of tickets - use the code RADAY_HABR when registering. The number of discounted tickets is limited.

    We are waiting for you on the Russian App Day!

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