Payment POS-terminal Poynt Smart Terminal with a double screen on Android

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The company Poynt has released a portable POS (Point-of-Sale) -Terminal on Android, with two screens. The first screen is intended for the buyer - the diagonal is 7 '1280 x 800, the second for the seller 4.3' 800 x 480.

Poynt Smart Terminal The

terminal is equipped with a thermal printer and a plastic card reader and wireless interfaces: WiFi, BLE, 4G, NFC, and EMV . Old PoS terminals such as USAT ePort G10 on Linux are a thing of the past. The new Poynt startup focuses on working with Google Wallet and PayPal. The terminal is equipped both on the client side and on the operator side with a high-resolution touch screen. Unlike traditional PoS-terminals, a wider range of contactless payments and methods of payment for goods or services are provided.

Poynt Smart Terminal PoS terminal pre-sale opened for $ 299. In December, it will be possible to order a development kit for $ 499, which will be sent in early 2015. The final retail price of the Poynt Smart Terminal PoS terminal will be $ 499.

Sometimes sellers can not decide which of the existing payment systems to use for them, because It’s difficult to determine the future for each of them. Therefore, Poynt Smart Terminal supports all existing common payment systems such as Google Wallet, Apple Pay with QR codes, and Bitcoin, including working with cards with a chip and magnetic stripe, NFC, QR codes and beacon. Support for all of these systems is already implemented at the device levels and no separate activation keys are required.

Poynt Smart Terminal Architecture Diagram

Poynt Smart Terminal supports the EMV option (Europay, MasterCard and Visa), which means working with Europay, MasterCard and Visa credit cards. Visa and MasterCard authorized the delivery of 16 million EMV PoS terminals until October 2015. The system uses EMV, with an NFC chip, to replace the analogue of a handwritten signature.


Poynt Smart Terminal customer screen runs on a fork of Android 4.4.4 called PoyntOS. A quad-core processor is used, but the name of the chip is not reported, as well as the data protection mechanism in the terminal itself.

Seller screen

Wireless interfaces include WiFi, Bluetooth LE (BLE), and 3G / 4G, with a GSM antenna. The terminal is equipped with an Ethernet port and NFC with an antenna located on the front panel. The seller has placed a speaker, microphone, thermal printer and battery for 8 hours of battery life. PoyntOS integrates a RESTful API for interacting with cloud systems.

Built-in cloud architecture integrates with security systems, payments, and commercial services. PoyntOS SDK supports the development of third-party applications.

Terminal Interface The terminal

comes with three basic applications.
  • Application Terminal the app - is connected to the existing payment systems for automated seller of payments.
  • Attachment Register app - allows all in one device at the connection to the cashier, and replaces a traditional cash desk.
  • Copilot analytic tool - allows you to track payment transactions online on mobile devices remotely.

Poynt announced six partners that will develop software for the terminal: Vend, Kabbage, Swarm, Boomtown, Bigcommerce, and Intuit.

Link to pre-order Poynt Smart Terminal .

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