We invite you to CocoaHeads Moscow on October 31

    This week is rich at a conference for developers of mobile applications, but nothing can replace warm communication on Friday CocoaHeads in the office of Mail.Ru Group - come discuss YaC, MBLTDev and everything that happened this month. And, of course, listen to the reports of our speakers. And we will have three speakers:

    The first to continue the theme of efficiency, which was started the previous time by Oleg Ovechkin, Konstantin Zabelin from Zababako , telling a report entitled " How to write more code in Xcode or a little more about efficiency ". Konstantin plans to talk about how you can write more code using a couple of tweaks of your favorite idea and system input methods. He will also share several recipes to simplify the life of developers.

    After Yegor Taflanidi , the leading developer of RedMadRobot , recognized as the best in the development of mobile applications according to Tagline , will tell you how to approach the evaluation of projects and their architecture in such a way as to use the code from past projects in the report " Effective code reuse in iOS applications ".

    For high-quality and fast production of applications, you must create your own ecosystem. The RedMadRobot team’s ecosystem is based on reuse, i.e. reuse.

    Egor will talk about reuse at all stages of application production:
    • Documentation
    • Cool architecture
    • Comfortable structure
    • UI practice
    • Testing

    Raises issues of effective code reuse in iOS projects, and shares popular pitfalls.

    And, finally, in the report " Do not be afraid of the Auto the Layout ", our regular guest, Alexander Zimin , who built a 24 hour Hackathon BattleHack application without any indication UIView coordinate tell us about Auto Layout, which you simply have to go because with the new iPhone 6/6 +, if not done before.

    Why not hardcode? Is it possible to do without constraints in the code? When it makes sense to add them in the code, and when just redraw the frame. Hk Alexander will answer all these questions and show on atypical examples.

    After the presentations, we will continue our conversation over hot tea and coffee. Spend the last day of October in the right company, come to CocoaHeads!

    The meeting will begin at 19.00 at Leningradsky Prospekt 39, p. 79. As usual, do not forget to bring your passport. To participate, you must register . We are waiting for you! An online broadcast of the event will also be organized , and you will have the opportunity to ask questions and hear answers from speakers - just send them to @CocoaHeadsMSK . Video recordings of reports will be added to the youtube channel of the meeting.

    We also shot a cool video about our meetings: watch and share with friends!

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