European expertise for Russian startups: acceleration from FaberNovel supported by RVC

    Today we decided to talk about a two-week acceleration program in the leading innovation center of Paris, which we are conducting together with RVC OJSC and in which Russian IT startups can take part. The program will be held from December 1 to December 12, 2014: all this time, startups will live in Paris, work in one of the best coworking centers in France, study at various workshops - starting with the basics of Lean Startup and Growth Hacking technologies and ending with communication with some of the famous French technology experts, entrepreneurs and venture investors (not to mention representatives of European incubators and venture funds).

    For whom was this program invented?

    For young IT teams with projects at the seeding / start-up stage and, first of all, their founders, who need to expand their network of professional contacts, evaluate their project, gain the opinion and support of leading European experts, and also understand how the innovative ecosystem works for overseas, establish relationships with the venture capital community.

    What is the purpose of the program?

    It is worth taking part in the program in order to: form a strategic vision of the project, find partners and potential investors, understand the principles of global technology business development, evaluate the possibilities for a company’s “landing” in Europe, plunge into an innovative ecosystem.

    What will happen?

    Each of the 12 days of the program (with the exception of two days off), participants will take part in workshops, listen to lectures, communicate with experts and attend conferences. Throughout the acceleration program, startups will work at the open NUMA accelerator in Paris.

    NUMA is the first coworking of Paris, it was opened in 2008. Now NUMA is the largest innovative hub in the country. Each participant in the program will be allocated a workplace and unlimited access to the infrastructure of the innovation center. There is enough space for coworking for everyone: it occupies 6 floors with a total area of ​​1,500 m2, has 200 startups and accommodates 40,000 visitors.

    This is what NUMA coworking looks like from the outside.

    All types of learning activity within the program can be divided into the following blocks:

    Thematic Sessions

    Tech playground

    During this training session, participants will get acquainted with technologies that influence the emergence of a new customer experience and a new generation of users. During the session, FaberNovel experts will present promising technologies and talk about their impact on building a business. Tech playground includes the practical part, where participants can test promising gadgets and technologies. As part of the classes, 2 types of technologies will be considered:
    • Connected technologies: Google Glass, Oculus Rift, Drone, Leap Motion,
    • Connected services: Estimote Beacon, Square, Nest.

    Lean startup

    This session will help startups learn the “lean startup" methodology to quickly launch a product without a large initial investment. The founders of this methodology is Eric Rice.

    And so the coworking room looks inside

    Growth hacking

    This is a training session for exploring startup explosive growth tools. During the session, experts will analyze cases and best practices of growth hackers, and participants will analyze the most effective methods for attracting customers and will be trained on a test site together with experts from the FaberNovel Institute.

    Big data

    Big Data Workshop involves immersion in the most important modern trend and Big Data technologies. During the workshop, participants will learn the main scenarios for using Big Data, get acquainted with available technologies and experiment with their own educational project.

    Meetings with experts

    Partners of the FaberNovel Group of Companies

    In addition to thematic sessions, the program provides for meetings with FaberNovel partners . Each of them, during their own sessions, will share insights with projects on a topic that is relevant to the expert. For example, FaberNovel Vice President Kirill Warth (he oversees the implementation of business planning and corporate development projects for FaberNovel clients, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Michelin, and many others ), will talk about the principles for developing an effective company strategy. He will work with startups in the field of value proposition and business positioning.

    Benoit Talabo, a designer whose projects (such as, for example, Monet 2010) have received worldwide recognition, will tell startups about design and UX and help them improve the design of their service or product. Marie-Carolyn Lanfranchi is responsible for launching innovative projects and research management at FaberNovel. As part of her session, she will assist participants in process control to quickly and efficiently launch a product.

    Acceleration Program Representatives

    Within the framework of the program, participants will get acquainted with the 50 Partners fund (this is a presowing fund that helps startups formalize their value proposition and attract professional venture capital) and its industry experts. In addition, startups will talk with mentors of the accelerator Le Camping , who will share their industry expertise with teams.

    Meetings with the community (serial entrepreneurs, startups, venture investors)

    The program also includes meetings with the innovation community. During these meetings, participants will communicate with local entrepreneurs and study the innovative trends of Paris. During the program, participants will also meet with venture capital investors, including representatives of state funds, as well as existing startup support programs.

    Special events

    One of the days of the program will be reserved for visiting API Days - a global conference devoted to API technologies and how they affect the creation and development of the business of modern companies. During this conference, workshops, presentations and panel discussions of leading industry speakers will also be available to participants (API Days will be held in an old Parisian building built in 1784).

    What is the result?

    The program ends with Demo Day: project founders will take part in 5-minute pitches and answer questions from venture investors, successful entrepreneurs, including FaberNovel founder Stefan Distengen). This session involves training in presenting the project to international investors, as well as receiving feedback from experts. During the event, startups will get acquainted with qualified investors and get contacts for further work on attracting financing.

    Based on the results of the program, the teams will discuss further areas for joint work on finding partners, establishing relationships with large corporate players, and obtaining high-quality expertise in markets and technologies.

    Why FaberNovel?

    FaberNovel is an international innovation agency founded in Paris in 2003. We specialize in consulting in the field of innovation, business acceleration, development and implementation of new services and products, work with startup incubators and coworking. Among the FaberNovel clients are companies from the TOP 500 list - Yves Saint Laurent, Twitter, AT&T, LinkedIn, BNP Paribas and others. In 2008, our company was included in the list of 50 fastest growing technology companies in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East, Africa), and in 2011, she received a silver award at the annual Cannes Lions Creative Industries Festival.

    What do you need to participate?

    First of all, you need to have an idea of ​​a business and speak English (training and communication will be conducted in English). The program is paid, however, participants will need to pay only half of its cost - 50% is funded by RVC, a partner of FaberNovel in this project. To participate in the program and learn more, write to .

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