Moscow Big Data Hackathon November 15-16

    Big Data is advancing as a new century trend. There were DBMSs for data storage, processing tools; over time, it became clear that "we can’t cope," and now we have in our hands a whole fan of tools for processing and analyzing data. And we decided to make a hackathon . Hadoop? We are glad to see you. Other? No problem. Want to know what we have interesting? Register and come November 15-16 to Coworking 2.0 “Free Swimming” (Moscow) , just remember to bring the right one .
    We invited notable speakers to talk about:

    * Azure / Server HDInsight. Compatible with Hadoop.
    * PowerBI (Excel)
    * SQL Server, etc.

    So, while the code will be sawn (including by special nomination from partners), you can listen to the reports and talk with specialists. Come - it will be good.

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