Digital events in Moscow, October 1-7

    A selection of key events in Moscow for the week.



    • October 1 (Monday) - October 2 (Tuesday)
    • Krasnopresnenskaya emb. 12
    • 14 900 p.
    • EdCrunch is one of the largest conferences in Europe in the field of new educational technologies.

    Open Conference for Business and IT | Accelerate 2018

    • October 2 (Tuesday)
    • Krasnopresnenskaya emb. 14
    • is free
    • Top officials, top managers and experts of the largest organizations in Russia - EVRAZ, Russian Post, IBS, Eqvanta, HeadHunter, AFK Sistema, Tele2, Center-Invest Bank, IDS Borjomi Russia, Vozrozhdenie Bank, CarPrice, Lukoil-Garant, Tsvet Divanov, CulinaryOn , “MegaFon Tajikistan” and others - will gather at the Moscow Expo Center to share their experience in accelerating business in the digital age.

    Open Day on the programs of the game industry

    • October 03 (Wednesday)
    • Trifonovskaya 57с1
    • is free
    • On October 3, 2018, we invite you to an open day, where we will talk about the professional retraining programs, Game Management Management, which starts in November 2018, and Computer and Mobile Games Marketing, which starts in February 2019. This is already the 8th Recruitment of students to the Higher School of Business Informatics at the HSE for programs in the gaming industry. For 4 years, more than 200 people have been trained at VSBI to create and promote games, most of whom are currently successfully working in large gaming companies in Russia or creating their own projects. You can expect unique experience and system knowledge in creating computer and mobile games, developing your own game during training, studying and working on your project in a team of like-minded people,

    Superheroes of your business: how to manage personnel and digital contractors

    • October 03 (Wednesday)
    • Leningradsky Avenue 39, p. 79
    • is free
    • How to understand that it's time to train your staff? Where to find competent staff? Or maybe you should call a third-party team for help? These issues sooner or later face any business.

    QIWI Cuisine: ResearchOps, Research and Impact mapping

    • October 4 (Thursday)
    • Microdistrict northern Chertanovo 1a to 1
    • is free
    • At this time, many topics about new and unexplored: ResearchOps, Impact mapping and research for product designers.

    Fuckup Nights Vol. Xiv

    • October 4 (Thursday)
    • Bersenevskaya Embankment 6/3
    • 500 r.
    • Fuckup Nights is an international movement that emerged in Mexico in 2012 in a most unexpected way. One day, three buddies at the bar drank enough tequila to admit to their failures. After listening to each other's mistakes, they realized that it was useful and decided to repeat it by inviting their friends. Each time the audience was more and more, I had to talk about their failures from the stage. So the Fuckup Nights movement began its journey around the world.

    Digital Transformation Journey

    • October 4 (Thursday)
    • Google Baltschug 7
    • is free
    • Digital technology has changed the world and the market for services provided. Your decisions should not only take into account the API revolution, but use its advantages in every business process that affects the achievement of the company's goals.


    • October 4 (Thursday) - October 5 (Friday)
    • B. Novodmitrovskaya 36
    • from 1 900 p.
    • Key Russian schools of higher and additional offline and online education, which prepare specialists in the field of creative industries and creative thinking, will gather for the first time to demonstrate their capabilities, strengths and projects of students.

    Frontend conf

    • October 4 (Thursday) - October 5 (Friday)
    • 1st Zachatievsky lane., 4
    • from 12 000 r.
    • Frontend Conf professional conference is devoted to all aspects of the development of the client side of web projects: design, usability, layout, JavaScript, web media and so on.

    Data analysis and machine learning for product managers

    • October 5th (Friday)
    • Trifonovskaya 57с1
    • is free
    • Data Driven Product Management is the backbone of any product manager. Data sources, funnels, metrics, digital analytics, machine learning, are tools that help to regularly measure virtually any aspect of business and make decisions based on data.

    VR / AR-Hackathon

    • October 5 (Friday) - October 7 (Sunday)
    • VDNH
    • is free
    • Hakaton will bring together more than 150 developers and mentors in the field of VR-and AR-technologies.

    Gaming and Entertainment Startups

    • October 5th (Friday)
    • Starokonyushenny lane 43
    • is free
    • Join the first meeting of the media accelerator! Who cares where the world of entertainment is going, what technology will be in it tomorrow, how games and movies are merged today!

    Tutu PHP Meetup # 2

    • October 6 (Saturday)
    • 1st Nagatinsky passage 10s1
    • is free
    • Once again, we invite all those interested in php backend-development to spend a Saturday in a pleasant atmosphere. In program 3 of the report and discussion in the breaks, and in the continuation of the event - afterparty. For those who are not in Moscow: there will definitely be a broadcast, but nothing will replace personal presence.

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