Results of the Russian AI Cup 2014

    To the sound of fanfare, we solemnly announce the end of the annual Russian AI Cup Championship for 2014. The past month and a half have been very difficult and stressful for both the participants and the organizers of the event. However, we still hope that you not only received a lot of pleasure and good impressions, but also improved your programming skills and learned something new.

    And now it's time to take stock. First, the list of winners of the Final:

    1. The first place in an incredibly intense struggle is Nikolai " Mr. Smile " Vabishchevich (Russia, Moscow)! He becomes the winner of CodeHockey 2014 and the lucky winner of the Apple Mac Pro.

    2. The second place is deservedly occupied by Sergey “ alberist»Pomazanov (Russia, Stavropol, SKFU). He receives the Apple Macbook Pro 13.3 "as a" consolation "prize.

    It is worth noting that the entire first part of the Final, Mr.Smile and alberist went forward with a minimum margin, often equalizing with each other or even changing places, which kept intrigue and tension for a long time Sometimes it seemed that even two identical strategies couldn’t be so close in terms of efficiency :) According to the results of the first part, the leaders were alberist with a margin of only 2 points, but then during the break, either Mr.Smile made a leap forward, or alberist put annoying bug, or other participants accepted rmery against one of the tops. As a result, Mr.Smile sharply left into the gap, and the winner was evident already in the first lap of the second part of the Final.

    3.In third place is Oleg “ recar ” Kuznetsov (Ukraine, Vinnitsa), who “jumped” at him from the 7th position. As you can see, at this stage of the competition there were many unexpected turns. Oleg receives an Apple Macbook Air 13.3 ".

    Five more participants receive a free Apple iPad mini 7.9":

    4. Gennady “ tourist ” Korotkevich.

    5. Alexander " santa324 " Santalov.

    6. Ivan " tyamgin " Tyamgin.

    7. Eugene " Spunya " Rodygin.

    8. Sergey " serlis " Lisichkin.

    Next, we congratulate Sandbox winners who receive iPod nano. Good luck to everyone else next year. So, meet:

    1. Anton “ antmsu ” Chumachenko

    2. Roman “ Romka ” Udovichenko

    3. Vasily “ vzverev ” Zverev

    4. Stepan “ Sanda ” Tarasevich

    5. Oleg “ olsh ” Shevchenko

    6. Denis “ ud1 ” Utkin


    For 3 years, 4319 programmers participated in the Russian AI Cup! In 2014, 1584 programmers from 17 countries participated (last year there were 1394)

    City rating

    No.TownNumber of participantsRatingTop 3
    1Moscow1783540.75Mr.Smile santa324 Spunya
    2Minsk763376.79Romka sas4eka paul_ik
    3St. Petersburg953302.22asalov Trixic Alnek
    4Izhevsk223214.67ThermIt keika Poma
    5Ekaterinburg233149.80mopdobopot deDokk mikhail_test
    6Nizhny Novgorod213083,44tegArt sokolik Velimir
    7Kharkiv163047.88serlis sdya NoTimeToWait
    8Saratov143009,49meradin Impuls Eran
    9Chelyabinskfifteen3005.40valex ildarka Petrowich
    10Samara232962.46andrey11 petruchcho i_v_a

    Language distribution

    C #23%365
    C ++12%195
    C ++ 1112%185
    Python 27%103
    Python 36%90

    Age distribution

    under 187%60
    18 - 2231%265
    over 3018%150

    City distribution

    St. Petersburg10%95
    Nizhny Novgorod2%21

    Country Distribution

    Great Britain0%1

    Total parcel size by language

    TongueTotal size
    Python 285.04 MB
    Python 355.09 MB
    C #317.66 MB
    C ++ 11166.69 MB
    Pascal32.64 MB
    Scala11.73 MB
    Ruby20.39 MB
    C ++20.39 MB
    Java406.14 MB

    Average parcel size per language

    TongueThe average size
    Python 222.67 kB
    Python 314.52 kB
    C #29.77 kB
    C ++ 1128.6 kB
    Pascal16.42 kB
    Ruby16.59 kB
    Scala24.37 kB
    C ++20.22 kB
    Java25.95 kB

    Maximum parcel size per language

    TongueMax size
    Python 2249.72 kB
    Python 3134.49 kB
    C #835.75 kB
    C ++ 11778.48 kB
    Pascal188.1 kB
    Scala99.97 kB
    Ruby86.24 kB
    C ++996.48 kB
    Java475.66 kB

    We also offer you to see a couple of interesting games:

    alberist (2nd place) - 4: 1 - Mr.Smile (1st place)
    Game from the first part of the Final. Then Mr.Smile has not yet uploaded the latest version of his strategy, and they were almost on a par with alberist.

    KLM (21st place) - 2: 3 - recar (3rd place)
    By the way, KLM is a participant from Sweden. Passed to the Final and, although not included in the list of winners, continued to fight in the tournament.

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