A few interesting and useful things for web developer # 31

    Good day, dear Khabravchians. Recently, I saw several interesting and useful tools / libraries / events that I want to share with Habr.

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    Great open source graphics editor. There are applications for Mac, Linux, Windows, as well as a browser version. Gravit currently implements the basic functionality: layers, shapes, pentul and many different functions for manipulating objects. But this project is largely focused on web design. It is most correct to say that Gravit is a mixture of a graphical editor in a typical representation with a visual editor for website development. It is this idea and its implementation in the open source format that makes the product unique.

    Midnight is a very cool effect for headlines.


    Nowadays, more than ever, the topic of website performance has spread. I think this is primarily due to the growth of mobile devices, when users with not always fast Internet want to have quick access to information. And of course, modern search algorithms have influenced this trend. And so, PerfMap visualizes page performance using a heatmap and Resource Timing API. To work, you must save the code as a bookmarklet:

    javascript:(function(){var el=document.createElement('script');el.src='https://zeman.github.io/perfmap/perfmap.js';document.body.appendChild(el);})();

    And there is also a tool with similar functionality for responsive sites - RWDPerf .


    PrimeGate - you can say the whole ecosystem for your web project. This is analytics, SEO, a set of various tools for increasing conversion and advertising management, CRM, IP telephony, task manager, CMS and visual editor. I will not delve into the various marketing components of this product, but speaking of the visual editor, it is a worthy competitor for Webflow with a content management system inside. Well, it seems like a lot of attention is paid to technical support with its full-time promotion specialists. And I was very pleased that such a product was made not in the West, but in the territory of the post-Soviet space.


    Great effect for landing pages. The script "cuts off" the upper layers of content and thereby implements a slider. Everything works extremely simply:

    Some section
    Some section
    Some section
    Some section

    $(document).ready(function() {

    Chrome APK

    We launch Android applications on Chome OS, Linux, Mac and Windows using JavaScript.

    Western thoughts or what it would be worth translating into Habré:

    Says and shows Habr:


    • HackerNews API
    • Plax - jQuery Parallax plugin.
    • Juliusjs and Pocketsphinx.js - speech recognition in JavaScript.
    • Franc - defines the language of the text in JavaScript.
    • Gifshot - creates GIF animations on video from the camera (from Yahoo).
    • Dropcap.js - typographic capitalization of the first sentence of the first paragraph.
    • Bespoke.js - DIY Presentation Micro-Framework.
    • Elixir - Gulp Task for working with Laravel.
    • Wide - Web IDE for Go.
    • Gopherjs - Compiles Go into JavaScript.
    • Pydub is a library for working with audio in Python.
    • Bootlint - Bootstrap HTML linter.
    • Device-Bugs - a collection of web bugs on different devices.
    • Pigshell - the missing shell for the web.
    • Prose - content editor for GitHub.

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