PayPal has limited the size of anonymous payments in Russia

    Like other payment systems, PayPal decided to change the value of a single anonymous payment in Russia to 15 thousand rubles. Just the other day, the user agreement of the company was updated, and the amount of anonymous payment is limited.

    The restriction will be effective from next month, from November 18. If anyone needs to translate more, there is still time, albeit a little.

    Currently, a user who has not passed the authentication procedure cannot transfer and have more than 15 thousand rubles in his account. In addition, no more than 40 thousand rubles can be transferred per month (we are talking about electronic funds received per month).

    Unfortunately, a user who has not passed the personification procedure will not be able to receive transfers (most recently PayPal users in Russia have received this opportunity) or withdraw funds to their bank account.

    As for the personified user who went through the simplified procedure, he can transfer no more than 200 thousand rubles a month. A single money transfer is limited to 60 thousand rubles. An account can only be in rubles - this applies to anonymous users and users who have passed the simplified verification procedure.

    Users who have passed the full verification procedure can transfer 550 thousand rubles at a time, have an account in a currency other than the ruble, and transfer abroad no more than 5 thousand dollars a day.

    Legal entities and individual entrepreneurs are deprived of the opportunity to transfer funds to anonymous persons (persons who have not passed identification) and also to receive funds from other legal entities.

    The identification procedure consists in providing a telephone number, passport data, as well as (optional) an individual taxpayer number, personal account number or medical insurance policy.

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