Bookmark Sync in Opera Developer

    In a recent build of Opera Developer 26, the long-awaited bookmark synchronization appeared for you (and us) - it’s still for computers, but the picture with the phone hints. This implementation replaced the one that worked for a while when turned on from flags. The new synchronization will live on the Developer channel and move to beta closer to the release.

    Answers on questions

    Where are synchronized data stored?

    Data is stored on Opera Software’s own servers.

    What data is synchronized?

    At this point, we only synchronize bookmarks so far. In the future we plan to add other information to them. As you can see, the flags have a setting for synchronizing open tabs, which is currently disabled by default.

    Are my synchronized bookmarks encrypted?

    During data transfer between the client and the server - everything is securely encrypted. However, the data itself is stored on the server in unencrypted form. When (and if) in the future we will synchronize sensitive personal data, such as passwords, we will store them in encrypted form.

    What do these bookmarks have to do with Opera Link bookmarks?

    All data synchronized from Opera 12 is still accessible from the Opera Links web interface . You can also import bookmarks into the new system from an existing Opera 12 installation.

    Can I remove the account button?

    This button allows you to access new synchronization features. But that's not all - stay tuned for future releases.

    What does this synchronization have to do with the previous implementation?

    The previous experimental implementation (which appeared back in Opera 19) was replaced by a new one.

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    A more detailed list of changes .

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