The law on the mandatory transfer of servers to the territory of Russia is postponed indefinitely


According to RBC, the government decided to postpone the law indefinitely. Moreover, it (the law) can be significantly revised or canceled altogether.

Honestly, for the last half a year this is the most pleasant news for me. I think that I'm far from the only one who used foreign services that process personal data to one degree or another. I buy clothes, medicines, small equipment. It is clear that large players such as Ebay and Amazon moved their data centers to Russia, but ordinary foreign stores would not bother, but simply covered delivery to Russia.

The question is what caused this decision? So a couple of days ago the news was announced that this law would not affect social networks, and now it has generally been postponed indefinitely.

Should we wait for the quiet adoption of a less stringent law? What do you think?

Source RBC

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