Kim Kardashian is boarding Facebook, Disney removes games from stores, smartphone owners in the Russian Federation more and more, but they download less often - top mobile news of the week

    Ubisoft opens an office in Moscow

    Meanwhile, as many large foreign companies leave Russia because they do not see development prospects or are affected by sanctions, Ubisoft announces the opening of an office in Moscow. This news was officially announced at the exhibition "Igromir-2014". This will help Ubisoft gain a foothold in the fast-growing Russian gaming market, and, as Alain Corre, European Director of Europe, noted, “the Moscow office is a tribute to Russian players who are partial, active and devoted to their favorite games.” The Ubisoft office in Moscow will be headed by Olga Lazareva, who in the past was responsible for the development of Electronic Arts in Russia.

    Alan Korr stressed that the Moscow office will be developing a strategy for development in the Russian market, as well as actively promoting games. At the same time, it is also planned to provide all products with high-quality information and technical support in Russian. One of the first steps in this direction, according to Alan Korr, can be considered the appearance on Youtube of the official Russian channel Ubisoft.

    Disney closes mobile projects to please Clash

    Recently it became known that Disney removed from the public domain in the App Store and Google Play two games about the Star Wars universe: Tiny Death Star and the Star Wars Assault Team. This step was taken shortly after the release of the next game about the Star Wars universe - Star Wars Commander, we recall that this is a variation on the theme of Clash of Clans.

    Obviously, Disney decided to focus on the new project, given that its financial performance is much higher. By removing these games, Disney got rid of “unnecessary” support and slightly increased the flow of users to the game they need.

    The developer of Tiny Death Star, Nimblebit, said that the decision to remove the game was a complete surprise for her, the company was not warned about such a Disney move, while the developer said that the proceeds of the game accounted for a significant part of the company's cash receipts. Tiny Death Star has been in stores for less than a year, and the Star Wars Assault Team was released at the end of March this year.

    Disney has not officially commented on its decision, Nimblebit warned other developers that if they are looking for a partnership with Disney, then they should be very thoughtful.

    Kim Kardashian: Hollywood mobile hit is now on Facebook

    If earlier (and often now, remember the new King products), the process was widespread when the game was launched and rolled in on social platforms and only then was ported to mobile devices, now the mobile market is already so self-sufficient that we can see the opposite process. Glu Mobile has officially announced the launch of its mobile hit Kim Kardashian: Hollywood on Facebook. Having quickly flown into top grossing with the game and having run it in, the company will spread it to new markets. It is possible that the first goal of the web was chosen by chance, since the animations in the game were created using Flash and then transferred to the game engine, which simplifies and speeds up the transition task.

    Smartphone penetration in Russia is growing, but use them less

    According to a study by Deloitte , in 2014 smartphones significantly increased their popularity among Russians, penetration to the masses increased from 47% in 2013 to 66% in 2014, and smartphones finally finally outstripped conventional phones in popularity.

    However, according to the results of the same study, the use of smartphone features has become noticeably less.

    So, the proportion of respondents who have never downloaded applications to their phone has increased from 30% in 2013 to 41% in this.

    The share of those who spend more than 200 rubles on applications per month decreased from 9% last year to 8% in this.

    Let's take a closer look at these numbers, and it will become clear that not everything is so bad. In absolute terms, the share of both downloads and payers has undoubtedly increased, but not as fast as the popularity of smartphones themselves.

    We will not draw premature conclusions, we will see what time will show, although there is still confidence that, as they are used, more and more people will download applications and pay in them.

    New Features in Google Analytics

    Google Analytics for mobile apps has new useful features. The mobile analytics version is rapidly catching up with the web version. Audience Demographics Reporting - allows you to automatically segment your audience according to a number of signs: age, gender, interests (by category). Remarketing - allows using custom selections to segment the audience according to those parameters that you are interested in, for example: application version, continent / country, user income, session length, etc. Using the same templates, you can run advertising campaigns in Google Adwords. This is very similar to the Facebook advertising tool for returning users who have already used your application - Reengagement Advertisment. These features greatly increase the usefulness of Google Analytics. Segmentation functions by gender, age, the country is already considered a gentleman's set of any analytical service. But the ability to deliver targeted advertising for a narrow segment of the audience allows not only to reduce advertising costs, but also to increase its effectiveness, which is doubly nice.

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