Trilateration with iBeacons, iOS security and VKontakte mobile advertising on #MBLTDev

    October 28 in Moscow we are holding our first conference of mobile developers #MBLTDev . We already said that foreign and Russian representatives of PayPal, VKontakte, Artsy, Parallels, TCS Bank, Typhoon, Soundcloud, Intel, ViaForensics, Odnoklassniki, Aviasales, Realm and others will speak at the conference. Today, we’ll talk in more detail about three reports. Alexander Cherny will present the report “Trilateration with the help of iBeacon” and tell:



    • What beacons are on the market and how to buy them
    • What is available through CoreLocation and what is only through CoreBluetooth
    • How accurate is this device and what problems are there when using it
    • Is it possible to use someone else’s beacon for their own purposes or to somehow harm

    At the end of the performance, Alexander will demonstrate trilateration from the stage.

    Andrei Belenko from ViaForensics will talk about iOS security . In his speech, Andrey will touch upon the recent history with backdoors in iOS and (in light of recent events) iCloud security.


    Also, he will tell you what you need to pay attention to when developing applications from a security point of view and what absolutely can not be done. Andrey will demonstrate the interception of network traffic and show why public Wi-Fi hotspots are bad and why SSL / TLS is needed.

    The only non-technical presentation at the conference will be a report by Andrey Novoselsky, the head of VKontakte advertising product development, “VKontakte Mobile Advertising” .


    In his speech, Andrei will talk about VKontakte mobile users and trends in Runet, present a new advertising format, and also share the first results and development plans.

    All speakers and presentation topics can be found on the official website of the conference . You can register there. The cost of one ticket is 5,000 rubles, with the purchase of 2 or more - a 30% discount.

    Promotion for Habrauser

    Active and helpful users of Habrahabr can get a discount on #MBLTDev depending on the size of their karma. For example, if karma is 23, then the discount will be 23%. The maximum discount is 90%.

    To receive a discount, send me a personal message marked "#MBLTDev" from your account. To purchase a ticket you need to register on the conference website. The ticket cannot be transferred to another person.

    You can follow the conference news on Twitter and Facebook .

    Organizers of e-Legion and RAEC.

    Partners: Odnoklassniki, Tinkoff Credit Systems, VKontakte, Digital October.

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