YaC 2014: Yandex's main technology conference for those who really need it

    Hi, I’m Bobuk, and traditionally on Habré I talk about YaC. There are only three days left until the end of registration for Yet another Conference 2014 . You may remember that last year it became the largest conference about hardcore technology in Europe. But this time we decided to do everything even more seriously. Hardcore and technology will remain, and there will even be more, but the people we call will be selected much more strictly (and there will be fewer).

    We have tried not to miss any marketing bulletin from IT companies before, and now we are trying even more in this regard. YaC is a place where you can come and get new knowledge, and most importantly, exchange what you have learned over the past year. And it always worked very well. But the conference still got a lot of people who came just like that. For example, sometimes the seoshniks that we overlooked erupted, very young guys, students. The latter always really want to learn something new, but so far they can not give anything in return. Therefore, this year we decided to approach the selection of participants much stricter.

    We have three mechanisms by which people get to YaC this year. First, we manually selected and invited people we know who are well aware that they are terribly interesting and can bring great benefit to everyone at the conference. Now we have reached the second stage, when it is possible, as before, to fill out a questionnaire and apply. After the registration is closed on October 10 at 23:59, people who can share new knowledge will be algorithmically selected from your profiles. And, yes, if you did not fill out the questionnaire, but only submitted an application, then with a very high probability you will not get anywhere.

    If you are a person from the list below, this does not mean that you will definitely be interested in YaC:
    • Seoshnik . This conference is not even about search, but about technology.
    • Webamaster . This is not a site creation event.
    • Generalist journalist or blogger . It makes no sense to come to people who write about life in the city or fashion trends. And even beauty bloggers, despite the fact that they recently called Apple. If you write about technologies and understand that you will help your readers navigate the conference reports, understand what will be of interest to them, then watch the broadcast or come, having previously accredited the press service . By registering through the standard form, you can not go through our selection algorithms - they are focused on specialists.
    • An incomprehensible specialist . Here is a typical PHP programmer - a super wide programmer, that is, he is not an expert in anything. I will clarify now that this is a typical programmer, because there are normal PHP programmers. They are just very few.
    • Recruiter and HR employee . We never called them.
    • Yandex employee . With them we followed exactly the same principle as with external people. We have a very strict restriction for our colleagues, who will be able to attend the conference this year. If in past years we tried not to limit them, then this year they are the same participants in the conference, like everyone else. They also need to fill out a questionnaire to prove that they will benefit the conference itself, and not just themselves.

    People who are not prepared, who have little idea of ​​the world of modern technology, simply have nothing to do at YaC. Speaking plainly, everything is there for programmers. And mathematicians. At the same time, I sincerely believe that the system administrators to whom one of the visitation schemes is dedicated are the same programmers as everyone else. These are people with a technical mentality who quite often program, but simply not many recognize this. So, system administrators and programmers are no different global. Unless they have a lot of interesting knowledge in specific areas.

    Previously, at conferences there was such a ridiculous problem: the same person wanted to go to several sections simultaneously, which were parallel. Now we have developed an intelligent scheme for visiting YaC, which allows a person to work out a route through the conference. Roughly speaking, we know which reports are most interesting to system administrators and people with a similar mindset. And the program for them includes some reports related to programming more than if it were sections only about administration. This is not just a separate room, it is a route written as a schedule on which you can move between different rooms and always stay on reports that interest you.

    We have developed six such schemesand want to experiment. In general, we are just trying to make the conference as technologically advanced as possible. For example, in past years, they refused to hand in paper trinkets and other handouts, because this is a completely useless thing that settles in people in the garbage chute.

    We understand that it will be very difficult for people from other cities to get to YaC. We tried to facilitate this task by personally inviting people whom we have long known and who we really want to see at the conference. Unfortunately, since we want to choose the coolest audience, we will essentially send invitations at the last moment - a few days before the event itself. This greatly complicates the arrival of people from other cities - especially from Vladivostok, but now it’s inexpensive to hand over a ticket, and you can buy it in advance. If you want to come from another city, you need to especially approach the filling out of the questionnaire. If you filled out an application, but you know about yourself that you are not a very technical specialist, then with high probability you did it in vain. There are likely to be no such people at YaC. At least we will do our part in order to

    If you understand why you should go to YaC and realize that participating in the conference will benefit both you and other participants, register and fill out the questionnaire . If you do not receive an invitation, but you think that we underestimated your motivation, then you will have another chance to get to YaC - after we decide on the guest list, some very small part of the tickets can be bought. This is the third selection mechanism. We believe that it will be useful - the person who buys a ticket, realizes why he is doing this and what he will get from it. And all the proceeds from the sale will go to educational projects for students.

    We stopped aiming at the maximum audience and decided that it was much more interesting to call only super-contextual participants to the site itself, and invite everyone else to watch the broadcast. She will go live. Moreover - her viewers will see part of the material that will not be on the site. We tried to do something like a mini-channel for the time of YaC: with live interviews, showing reports, with all that we ourselves like so much. You can also sign up for a notification.about the start of the broadcast. We hope that participation in the conference at home or at work at your own computer will not be the same as before. Frankly, most modern conferences either upload videos strongly after they are held, which is very unpleasant. Either it has funny problems with broadcasting when it does not work or goes in Chinese, which is also not very clear, because many people in the country still speak Chinese poorly.

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