Vkontakte messenger lies

At a quarter to 3 nights in Moscow, most (possibly all) users of the Vkontakte social network erased the entire history of correspondence and the ability to send messages was disabled.


Evil languages ​​have already spoken out about the fact that this is Durov's provocation.


In the console, you can observe the following:

ps. I send it to the Vkontakte API hub, but the main hub fails.

upd. They tell me that the Vkontakte messenger does not work in conjunction with telegram. I remove the mention.

Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

Before company comments. What thoughts come to your mind?

  • 3.5% This is sabotage by Durov 23
  • 0.7% This is sabotage from someone else's side 5
  • 0.6% Hack 4
  • 51.7% Regular (non-standard) technical problems without third parties 333
  • 18.6% Without Durov, everything is not so 120
  • 24.6% I don’t think about such things 159

Do you have a problem being confirmed?

  • 10.7% Yes 59
  • 40% No 220
  • 49.2% I don’t think about such things 271

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