RailsClub 2014 Summary


    As you probably already know, the RailsClub Moscow 2014 conference was held two weeks ago . We hope that all participants received a fresh charge of knowledge, inspiration and communication, that is, they cut a year ahead :)

    Here we want to share materials with the community, say thank you to everyone involved and once again remember how it was.


    Let's get started!

    This year, as many as 350 rubists from all over Russia and not only gathered together. It was very cool! See for yourself. This short video about the conf will make you bite your elbows if you missed it :)

    We tried very hard to make the program interesting. We hope that we have succeeded. The best, in your opinion, were:

    Aaron Patterson, who spoke not only about the future of Rack, but also about the new, great and powerful programming language poo-lang. A bunch of great jokes and lots of good. Out of competition! The margin in the vote was large.

    Eric Michaels-Aubert with a talk on how to optimize Ruby code. A lot of useful tips and great slides that left no one indifferent ( here they are )

    Bozhidar Batov, who drew parallels between Ruby, English and Russian so that we all could take a new look at how our code looks.

    We have prepared for you videos of all reports - they are available on our website (here )
    But there is one big but: we recorded in all the reports only the Russian-language track. And that was a big mistake. Which we swear not to repeat in the future! Unfortunately, the forcemeat cannot be turned back.


    A photo report from the conference is available on our Facebook page: we celebrate ourselves and comrades here .

    Very cool material at the conference was prepared by our friends from the RubyNoName cast . The guys filmed a mini-studio in the conference hall and interviewed the speakers. Here is the first mounted release in which Aaron Patterson and Jonas Niklas appeared. There will be others, we are waiting!

    This year, RailsClub participants had something to do during the breaks: our general sponsor Toptal dragged Oculus Rift gimbal and augmented reality glasses into Digital October, at the Funbox booth you could catch a couple of bugs, and the beautiful girls from AT-Consulting and Digital HR played great prizes.
    We, the organizers, also decided this year to make a thematic booth and staged a Ruby race. It is rather difficult to explain in words what it is. But it was fun :)


    What else to say? The conference is growing, and it is very pleasing. We try to do it as best as possible, although it does not always work without overlays (yes, there was a turn for lunch and yes, a couple of times we got out of the stated timing). We’ll definitely figure out how to defeat this next year!
    We tried two new formats (discussion and blitz reports), they were successful, and we are going to experiment further.

    We hope that participating in events such as RailsClub inspire developers to new achievements. In the questionnaires, we asked what ideas you had. Some answers:

    - Go to Rails4.
    - More Service Objects!
    - Write tests.
    - More OOP!
    - Benchmark!
    - Refactor!
    - Participate in open-source, more contributing to open-source (by the way, the most popular answer :))
    - Pullrekvest to perform an impromptu performance!
    - Try RubyCop.
    - Try Teatro.io.
    - Run to read books.

    Cool, if you do so :)

    If you want to learn something else about RailsClub, then look in Twi : the feed was informative and fun. And afterparty was a success. Thanks to everyone who came and annealed to the fullest.

    It remains to say thanks to our sponsors, without whom all this could not take place:

    General sponsor:
    Toptal is a distributed global exchange, which has already been joined by the most talented developers from around the world. Toptal was created by engineers.

    Gold sponsors:


    Boookmate is a service for reading and storing your e-books, which is developed by an excellent team of Ruby developers.


    Funbox- A development team with hundreds of live projects in the portfolio and an abundance of interesting tasks in the task manager. The main specialization is software development for mobile operators.

    Silver Sponsors:


    AT-Consulting is one of the strongest players in the market of information technologies and IT services for companies in the telecommunications, financial, state, fuel and energy and other sectors. Key areas of company activity: implementation and maintenance of complex information systems, management and operational business consulting, project management and IT outsourcing.


    Lookatme- This is a modern online magazine for young people, with an audience of more than 1.7 million users per month. The project was developed on Ruby on Rails, therefore, traditionally, Lookatme helps our conference. Very creative and interesting people work in LAM.

    HR partner: DigitalHR


    themselves say this: “When you try to create something (something important) that will produce amazing results, when you are asked to do something (something amazing) that would make a difference in the world: you need Find the right people on the team. If you have an unusual request, constant support is required or you just need to find the right person, then our DigitalHR team will always help you. ” Organizers: Undev.ru

    - A strong development team for Ruby, Objective-C, C ++, C #, JavaScript. They are working on the creation of a unique technological platform for television broadcasting via the Internet. On the basis of this platform, such large projects as Web Elections 2012, SPIEF, broadcasting of the Vancouver and London Olympiads, and several more projects of a similar scale were made. Evrone is a development team on RoR, Clojure and Scala. Community enthusiasts and permanent organizers of RailsClub. We were supported: Keep up to date with our newsletter by subscribing to the newsletter on railsclub.ru and stay tuned: RailsClub.ru twitter.com/railsclub_en facebook.com/railsclub See you again !


    ps By the way, we want to renew the tradition of gathering for small meetings several times a year. Wait for the announcement, soon everything will be!

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