Search hack, carelessness and my accomplice GitHub



    One fine, bright morning, shocked by the fact that the temperature outside the window seemed to be 5 degrees higher than usual, I felt an influx of unprecedented illumination and an idea crept into my brain - “but those offers and accounts that are sold on the “black market” - they are also stolen by all kinds of phishing sites and stylers, and as far as I know the stylers - all logs should be stored on some host on the Internet. ”

    From this moment there was no time to hesitate - it was necessary to test. I ran headlong into the computer, frantically driving “” into the address bar and was the first to enter the search query “stealer filetype: txt”. What I saw did not surprise me at all - among the search queries I saw the expected logs of one of the popular stylers.
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    Chapter 1. Why use robots.txt, nofollow tags, and stubs

    After that, I could not be stopped. I, like a wolf who sensed the blood of his victim, continued to search, but with requests that are more oriented to the specific names of the stylers:
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    And then it dawned on me again - “but in addition to logs with accounts, unsuccessful users who got to the“ thief program “, you can also find something more serious, for example configs” and I went to GitHub.

    Chapter 2. Why do I need to block files with configs via .gitignore

    Speaking openly, the opportunity to do what I did and see what I saw was due to the carelessness or laziness of some users who prefer to use GitHub instead of alternative services that allow you to create private repositories ( gitlab , bitbucket ).
    Take, for example, the mask of the automatically generated MYSQL host of one popular hosting and get, again, the expected result:
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    Then you don’t need to have a lot of imagination to understand what you need to do with all this.


    Please use the .gitignore file and do not deploy your configs.

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    Do you have .gitignore configured?

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