InkCase Plus, a smartphone case with an E-ink display, goes on sale this month

    inkcase plus

    Gajah starts selling InkCase Plus this month. The device that Medgadgets has already written about on the blog is a universal case with an E-ink display. The display is connected wirelessly to the smartphone, and any information can be displayed on it, while the main display is turned off.

    In addition, InkCase Plus can also be used as a standalone reader. At a recent fundraising campaign, the device raised more than $ 200,000, which is enough to launch the device in mass production in October.

    The cost of the InkCase Plus + FitCase kit (universal case) can be purchased for $ 139 (pre-order on the same Kickstarter could be done for $ 79). The company plans to release 10 case models for the most popular Android smartphones, including Google Nexus 5, Samsung Galaxy S5, S4, S3, and Note 3, as well as HTC One M7 and M8.

    In addition, there is a universal case, which is compatible with all other phone models.

    Why is this needed?

    E-ink display is positioned not only as a reader, but as a means to save the phone’s battery power: all the necessary information can be displayed on the secondary display, while the main phone display is turned off. InkCase Plus resolution is 360 * 600 pixels. Like all E-ink devices, energy is wasted only when changing the image on the screen. At the same time, InkCase Plus has its own battery, its capacity is 400 mAh. This is approximately 5 days of battery life.

    How does it work?

    The device is connected via Bluetooth, using a special application for InkCase Plus. Developers rightly point out that most applications that smartphone users use every day do not need a color display.

    This can be an application for a fitness bracelet, reader, email and other applications.


    How can i use it?

    Multi language support


    Case waterproof

    Incoming calls

    Organizer, notifications


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