The results of the first round of the Russian AI Cup

    A couple of days ago, the first round of the annual Russian AI Cup championship ended . And according to its results, today we have prepared all kinds of statistics for you. By the time the first round began, more than 1,500 participants had uploaded their strategies to the system. Of these, the 900 best in terms of ranking in the Sandbox fought for the right to participate in the second round of the championship. The competition was three people in place, so everyone had enough adrenaline.

    The first round consisted of two parts, each of 12 hours of continuous calculation. There was a daily break between the parts, during which the participants had the opportunity to refine their strategies. On average, contestants participated in more than 100 games during each part of the first round. It is curious that in the second part we managed to conduct slightly fewer fights, which is probably due to the complication of strategies and the work on errors during the daily break.

    The results of the games on the site were not updated immediately, but with a 15-minute delay. This was done specifically to create more intrigue, in these 15 minutes many of the participants were able to feel like Anatoly Tarasov, empathizing with his team. And how much adrenaline spilled out during the viewing of the games themselves!

    Regarding general statistics, we want to draw your attention to a few interesting points. For example, it is interesting that the results of the first round are often very different from the ratings received by the participants in the Sandbox. Apparently, this is due to the peculiarity of the selection of opponents. Indeed, in the Sandbox, participants fight with peers of equal value, and during the first round, the selection of rivals was random.

    So, in the first round, the mysterious participant recar won, leaving very little information about himself in the profile. The winner of the 2012 Championship Nikolay “Mr.Smile” Vabishchevich took a worthy sixth place.

    Round results -


    City rating:
    No.CityNumber of participantsRatingTop 3
    oneMoscow97559.80cheeser Mr.Smile santa324
    2Minsk55529.51Romka paul_ik Contemplator
    3St. Petersburg55515.95NS_Serg Nikita.Podguzov turbotankist
    fourYekaterinburg15465.58mopdobopot anton_sh fireworks
    fiveNizhny Novgorod15455.03sokolik tegArt partizan
    6Kharkoveight437.82sdya aszinovyev serlis
    7Izhevsk14434.454stalker LOKKI Poma
    eightChelyabinsk12425.61valex Crain ildarka
    9Saratoveight420.41meradin RomanX Eran
    tenIvanovoeight410.93mortido PieceOfNonsense aides

    Distribution by city:

    Distribution by country:

    Distribution by language:

    Distribution by age:

    Total parcel size by language:
    Python 245.66 MB
    Python 333.25 MB
    C # 201.96 MB
    C ++ 11103.19 MB
    Pascal 17.66 MB
    Scala10.71 MB
    Ruby18.36 MB
    C ++123.02 MB
    Java254.23 MB

    By the way, pay attention to the average size of packages in different languages:
    Python 214.78 kB
    Python 310.08 kB
    C # 22.56 kB
    C ++ 1121.35 kB
    Pascal9.92 kB
    Ruby15.55 kB
    Scala24.58 kB
    C ++15.17 kB
    Java19.25 kB

    What, in your opinion, is associated with the average size of packages in Scala (24.58 Kb), given its inherent brevity?

    On the links below you can see the progress of three particularly interesting games: - Winner of the sandbox recar vs aton4eg - Winner of the 2012 championship Mr.Smile vs SkyHawk
    russianaicup. ru / game / view / 639640 - world champion ACM-ICPC 2012 and 2nd place last year's RCC tourist against Moonkin63 The

    second round of the championship begins on October 4. But not only the 300 best participants in the first round can participate in it, but also the first 60 contestants in the Sandbox rating. You can read more about the rules of the second round on the websitechampionship. Even if you were unable to get into the second round, you can still compete for the valuable prizes awarded for successes in the Sandbox.

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