Why Windows 10, not 9. Explanation with a single line of code

    After the presentation of the new Windows, one of the main questions was: why, in fact, missed the nine?

    As an explanation, there was almost a sacred meaning - the code name of Windows Threshold, if translated literally, is "the beginning, the threshold, the starting point, the " fresh start " ". Another option is to keep up with Mac OS X (also nearly a dozen).

    And if you believe Microsoft itself, the small box opens easier (my very free translation): “you won’t believe how many third-party applications contain code: Windows 10 is a pragmatic solution to the problem.” Thanks for the tip vilianov . I think Microsoft’s answer is at least beautiful. Upd: a very useful comment from Smile42RU

    if(version.StartsWith("Windows 9"))
    { /* 95 and 98 */
    } else {


    Well, firstly, not Microsoft, but the dude on Reddit.
    And secondly, here is the source: issues.jenkins-ci.org/secure/attachment/18777/PlatformDetailsTask.java

    And as far as I can tell System.getProperty ("os.name") is purely a problem of specific Java, and not just finally software. For the latest Windows OS are numbered the same as NT "blah".

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