How to help software in the Russian Federation

    Buy Belarusian Support the domestic manufacturer.

    Recently, the topic of supporting the “domestic IT manufacturer” has become fashionable. Either the infrastructure for storing and processing data in default city is required, then they will come up with sales taxes. "Everything is in the works."

    But let's help the deputies of the state a little . Consider the situation "from the inside", arrange some markers, such as "go here, do not go here, the snow will fall, you’ll be completely dead . "

    So, what kind of animals are these, domestic IT experts?


    To begin with, we roughly prepare our spherical horse in a vacuum in the form of a purely arbitrary classification. Why arbitrary? And it’s more convenient.

    By type of activity

    • Resellers
    • Integrators
    • Business angels
    • Outsourcers
    • Grocery
    • Solution and Platform Providers
    • Whistle Manufacturers
    • Zhelezyachniki
    • Igrodely
    • Publishers
    • Startupers
    • Mixed
    • Inhouse, including in the public sector

    To size

    • Large
    • Medium
    • Small
    • Freelancers

    By type of license

    • Commercial
    • Subscriptions
    • Openorz

    Of all the items you can safely combine. For example, the well-known Kasperich is a major supplier of subscription products and comprehensive protection systems. The well-known 1C is a major supplier of both platforms of the same name and a publisher.

    Now let's see who and how innovations will help.


    Obviously, innovations only harm any reseller who successfully helps in buying software for large companies.

    The fact is that the software of all sorts of different things in the world of the sea is spilled. And many authors either do not do business with any regions (for example, because they do not know Chinese or Russian), or simply are not ready to work with large offices and their troubles. But resellers take it all on themselves, saving small but very necessary projects from red tape.

    Give us a shaft of papers (not electronic), guarantees, conduct on-site blah-blah trainings, translate into Japanese, sign our license requirements for you, organize an audit that will show that your program is no-no, and we will buy one license from you at a price $ 49.99. May be. If you have Net45. Hooray to resellers for what they are.

    How can resellers be helped? Give a tax credit. As a rule, it means a lot of people, a lot of salaries, and a lot of deductions from the payroll.


    These are more complex animals. They provide not one-time purchases of any strange "found by Google", but a complex set from the correct vendor. In especially difficult cases, introducing some kind of ERP a la SAP R / 3 or PeopleSoft, these are many business consultants, long difficult and sad work on adapting the client’s business processes to the chart drawn by analysts.

    Here + 10% to the introduction - it’s similar to death, and so in the industry budgets easily reach 8-digit numbers in bourgeois dollars. Especially if with the supply of "iron" and on a national scale.

    How to help? Just don't bother. Do not force to trick around "did not involve an expert on pizza tanks per hour, he drank coffee at the expense of the customer."

    Business angels

    One of the few areas where it would seem - no intersections. But they are. After all, should a business plan reflect an increase in the price of the final product and a decrease in audience? Voooot. . This means that the return on venture capital investments will be even less, the risks will be higher, and the amounts allocated to the project will be less.

    How to help? I do not see.


    Many famous species. Needs no introduction. Will a flurry of innovation affect him? Obviously, yes. Get, they can not get. The result is known - an increase in the notorious “rates” . There will be fewer orders, but Tajik and Uzbek outsourcers who have room to grow will perk up. Here are all sorts of smart magazines praised.

    How to help? There were excellent attempts to reduce taxes on payroll, technology parks and more. One of the few areas where not a word but a deed confirmed the support of domestic coders. As far as I heard - either it’s been canceled already, or it’s about to be canceled, I do not follow.


    This is a huge layer of large and useful "softin" . These are antiviruses, backups, vitalizers, development tools, and much more. A scrap that perfectly solves narrow tasks. Here - to help only spoil. There are a lot of magnificent samples, at the world level and better.

    However, there are options.

    For example, in tenders give preference for the purchase of domestic products . Not simantek antivirus, but doctor web, for example.

    Immediately you can repeat the feat of the Belarusian side, with their "zroblёn Belarus" and "buy Belarusian." To do this, develop and apply a separate unique marking like a quality mark from the late USSR, give green light to radio and TV broadcastsabout domestic products, talk more widely about especially valuable TV solutions in the news. The products themselves don’t have any money for this, that's to support ...

    Since this is one of the real leaders of the domestic high-tech sector, then this sector should be paid attention to, do you think?

    Solution and Platform Providers

    They also do not need to be introduced. The same 1C has become a truly recognizable national brand, starting with the legendary bookkeeping. Forced to raise selling prices, increasing the cost at times throughout the chain.

    Natural wrecking.

    Whistle Manufacturers

    In general, this is a subspecies of product manufacturers. But here they are focused specifically on the entertainment sector, mobile applications and other freemiums. What Moloch will do with them is the native state of one fifth of the land - a big question. They will probably jump out of the water dry, accumulating funds in foreign payment aggregators and systems, withdrawing and declaring only a part.

    In my opinion, there is nothing to help here, unless by increasing the level of well-being of citizens. So that they have more money for entertainment . But how this will be consistent with spirituality is a big question.


    With these guys - just shrug. They were driven into such inhuman conditions that it is difficult to come up with worse. Firmware will be considered free, they are already inseparable from devices.

    Help here - right, it's easier to asphalt. Nevertheless - there is life here! I do not understand why it is still there - but a fact.


    Games in general can be considered huge whistles, but this will be a mistake. Sanitized conditions require separate consideration. The rise in price of the subscription will not affect the best way here. Plus, more expensive and less reliable data centers in the Russian Federation, plus “build the content distribution network yourself,” plus the rejection of unified services of the same Amazon, plus access problems from outside the great Russian firewall . More expensive and worse.

    In the framework of the current paradigm - there is no help. Do not return to the model of singles and disks on Gorbushka .


    The same picture as igrodelov. Plus - it will be more difficult to get financing.

    Obviously not the area that they are going to "help."


    And these guys hit hard. How can I pay the license turnover if the money comes from T-shirts and caps? Rogues! To ban such at all! And this is not even a joke. The logic of the struggle requires it, otherwise all the other hippos will begin to break into this hare hole.

    And the open source will only have contract work, with the transfer of all the changes to the customer under a private license and non-proliferation agreement. That will immediately hit academic and scientific software, according to the scheme “we make patches for open source, we implement what happened” and other sales of calipers.

    Inhouse, including in the public sector

    As they wrote on FoxPro for DOS 2.6, they will continue, nothing changes here. Clipper, Clarion, at best Delphi 1.0, and other necrophilia in full growth. The maximum is Excel + VBA. Does it work? Why do better? (FROM)


    And here we have found those who benefit from it. Monopolization, a 2-fold increase in prices — and that 10% is not enough for them — will be raised by four. And torrents still forbid, that’s generally paradise will be taken separately comrades.

    I'm exaggerating, but still the publishers have the most chances, IMHO, of course .

    This also includes the cloud services a la "Classmates" , Mail.Ru, and others.

    Of course, I did not consider all of them, but I don’t think that (with the exception of certain local incidents at the intersection of licenses, sizes and successful IT sector) that I missed something big.

    But of course I will be happy with all the additions.

    UPD: And here they are.

    That is, the current leadership of the country acts as the executioner of IT business in the country and there is nothing to be done about it other than radical methods?

    From my article, in my opinion, the exact opposite follows. It will become even more difficult to work, prices will rise, the service will become (almost imperceptibly) worse. But that’s basically all.

    This is what the open source will get under attack - this is a side effect. Well, that’s how it happened, yes. I hope those who make decisions will read diagonally what I wrote and take care of some exceptions for software that is already free. In order to prevent everyone from suddenly becoming philanthropists, but also not to prohibit open-source as a phenomenon.

    Although I don’t really imagine how it would turn out without RAO-stroke and similar structures.

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