How to withdraw Yandex money to a free Sberbank card

UPD 10/02/2014. This post has been in the sandbox for almost two years. But there was someone kind who gave me an invite for him. So come in handy.

Now I can publish it, but I warn you that a lot has already changed. Many services already work with Maestro cards, they no longer require only Visa or MasterCard. Bank transfer from Yandex money has become more difficult, now it is required to pass identification .

UPD 10/03/2014. formasha suggests that now Yandex can transfer to any card (including Maestro) directly, and not by bank transfer. Payment page . There is no longer a special need to find out your details for Yandex money.

I had two thousand rubles on Yandex money. I wanted to bring them out. The issue price is commensurate with the cost of owning a VISA or Mastercard. I didn’t want to get a paid card.

Below I will tell you how:
  • get a free Sberbank-Maestro Momentum card;
  • connect Sberbank online;
  • transfer Yandex money to a card.

Sberbank-online is technically connected to a plastic card. If you do not have any card, go to the bank branch and get a card.

The first time I went to the bank, I did wrong. I thought that it was necessary to conclude a contract and went to where it says "contracts, loans, bills." The bank employee was off topic and began to convince me that it was necessary to take VISA for 700 rubles or Mastercard for 600.

I called 8 800 555 5550 and they explained everything to me.

The Momentum card is instantly made and there is no need to pay for it. It is necessary to go with a passport to any window where they accept payments. The girl will print an application for a card, you sign and immediately receive a card.

The card must be activated: just insert it into the ATM and request a balance.

Using an ATM, you can get a login and password from Sberbank-online. In the menu: Internet Service -> Print ID and Password. The video is detailed.

Then the most difficult thing: you need to withdraw Yandex money to the Sberbank-Maestro Momentum card.

I was glad that I made a map so easily and went home. It turned out that my personal account and details on how to transfer were not written anywhere in Sberbank-online.

In Yandex money it is also not clear. There are several options to transfer money through a bank. I did not find detailed information on the Internet. I had to try differently. From the second time it turned out.

Do not rush to leave the bank when you receive a card. Ask to give you the branch details and your personal account number. Bank details + your personal account number = what Yandex needs.

Choose in Yandex:
  • Withdraw to an account with a Russian bank (3% + 15 p.)
  • Account Type - Bank
  • Way of transfer - Personal account

Below are the details that I entered for my branch :

Withdrawal to the account of an individual with a Russian bank


BIC 046015602
TIN 7707083893 cash -in- box

Transfer method:
Personal account


No. bank account (empty)
number settlement account 47422810352099999001
number ruble account 408 178 **************


Price question:
  1. receiving a card is free of charge;
  2. card maintenance per year - for free;
  3. Mobile Bank service - free of charge, if you select the Economy rate (it is activated when you first enter Sberbank-online);
  4. transfer from Yandex money 3% + 15 p. (as with other plastic cards);
  5. cash withdrawal from a card at a Sberbank ATM - no interest.

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