We invite you to Moscow.pm and Perl Golf

    On Thursday, October 2, at the office of Mail.Ru Group, a meeting of Moscow.pm Perl programmers will take place. On this day, two speakers will speak for all guests.

    The first speaker will be Ksenia Bobrova , Money.Ru’s Leading Money Programmer. The topic of her talk is “Flexible configuration of a Perl application using Dependency Injection”. Dependency Injection is the simplest pattern that for some reason is not used by many developers. Ksenia believes that this is an effective tool to get rid of some architectural features that periodically arise during the design of applications. Ksenia will tell the audience about how best to use Dependency Injection and DI containers, give specific examples, and also talk about tools that greatly facilitate the work with containers.

    The program will be completed by Pavel Shcherbinin , Team lead in the Mail.Ru News project. On the example of a very popular game Perl Golf, Pavel will tell about the "secret" operators of Perl. This game is not classic computer entertainment at all, but a competition game for programmers. Its purpose is to write a program that solves a certain predetermined task. The winner is the one whose program will have the shortest code. Naturally, only those who are well versed in the intricacies and nuances of Perl can “play” such a “game” well. The speaker will dilute the traditional form of presentation with a similar small competition for listeners. The best will get valuable prizes. ;-)

    We will have a live broadcast of the event (you can ask your questions to the speakers via @MoscowPerl), and video from past conferences can be found on the youtube channel of the meeting. We are waiting for you at the office of Mail.Ru Group on October 2 at exactly 19.00, and be sure to get a passport or driver’s license. To participate, you must register . Come, it will be interesting!

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    Have you ever participated in Perl Golf? Want to try?

    • 2.4% Yes, I always participate (write in the comments which tasks you solved) 9
    • 9% Yes, I want to try 33
    • 11.2% I don’t know, I will decide upon the fact 41
    • 77.1% No, I'm not interested 281

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