The next Moscow CocoaHeads will be held on October 3

    This week is rich in thematic meetings of developers. On Friday, October 3, we invite everyone to the Mail.Ru Group office at Moscow CocoaHeads, a traditional meeting of developers for iOS / OS X. At these meetings, you can present your report, talk about your project, share experience and just chat with like-minded people. It is not necessary to be a guru at all, you can just come and listen to what senior comrades think, ask sore questions. This time, three speakers will speak, so the evening will be full of information.

    The first in the program is a report by Oleg Ovechkin"How to be a more productive developer for iOS." As part of this overarching topic, Oleg will share his experience in using tools and tricks that save developer time: quick access to Simulator folders, quick Color Picker from the screen in UIColor format, a set of string resource identifiers without errors and much more.

    At the same time, Oleg is far from snobbery and invites listeners to share their own findings in the field of increasing the efficiency of the development process at the end of his speech.

    Next, Ilya Snakin will speak , the theme of his report will be “Patterns in Cocoa Touch”. It will be about design patterns that many developers use daily, but are not aware or are embarrassed to admit it.

    The speaker shares the definition of the term “development template”: this is a way to solve the problem in context. By a problem is meant the goal you are facing, and context is a certain repetitive situation and the limitations resulting from it. Ilya will show how the features of the Objective-C language and the preferences of the authors of the framework influenced the adaptation of development templates in Cocoa Touch. When using this framework, its inherent features can affect or even form a certain context of the problem. And you can turn the restrictions imposed by Cocoa Touch can be turned into new opportunities, if you understand the details of the implementation of patterns well. And Ilya will tell you how to achieve this.

    The last speaker, Alexander Zimin, will please the audience with a performance on several topics at once. The first part will be devoted to the new Swift programming language. In particular, Alexander will explain and show how operations are overloaded for his classes in Swift, how you can create your own operations. Of course, all this will be shown on real examples. For example, how to implement the famous F # Pipe-Forward Operator. Also, Alexander will share his opinion on the set of operations necessary for each developer.

    In the next part of the presentation, the speaker will talk about working with the new features of Xcode 6, Debug View Hierarchy and @ IBDesignable / @ IBInspectable. Alexander believes that they will be extremely useful to two groups of developers: those whose projects are saturated with a large number of customized elements, and authors of libraries with visual elements. And as a dessert, Alexander will show a demo about the creation of Today Extension (widgets in iOS 8) and will talk in detail about the advantages of the App Groups storage.

    The meeting will begin at 19.00 in the office of Mail.Ru Group. As usual, do not forget to bring your passport with you. To participate, you must register . We are waiting for you! An online broadcast will also be, and you will have the opportunity to ask questions and hear answers from speakers - just send them to @CocoaHeadsMSK . Video recordings of reports will be added to the youtube channel of the meeting.

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