Speculation on the domain *. Moscow

    Today I discovered an interesting feature related to the emergence for open registration of a new domain name *. Moscow and * .moscow. Prices in the first days of registration are prohibitive! While reading a teaser, think about how much you would give for some cool domain, such as “apartments. Moscow.” I assure you, the real price is exactly higher than expected.

    And they ask for neither more nor less than 225 thousand rubles. Just think. For air, the maintenance of which costs hardly more than a domain in the zone "*. Rf". I was so outraged that I decided to share with the community and, of course, ask for opinions by creating a survey. It seems that this behavior is completely incorrect and speculative. There is nothing scientifically unique here, pure business and easy profit. But, it is worth noting that it is competently planned. Prices go down every week.

    And now it’s impossible to buy not only some beautiful domain, but also completely meaningless.

    In general, I would like to collect public opinion about how correct such an “entrepreneurship” is.

    ps I know that such a stir was happening around other Cyrillic zones, but not with a price of 5 zeros!
    pps Have a good Friday and weekend.

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    How do you rate such a business?

    • 22.5% Excellent. Capitalism is the same. But the tops of the registrar for Tesla will immediately buy 279
    • 23.9% OK. The practice of overpricing at the beginning of registration is generally accepted, but there is clearly a bust with the numbers 296
    • 27.7% Negative. Business must be socially responsible, not speculative 343
    • 25.6% Extremely negative. Down with easy money! 317

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