Key marketing features in a SaaS project

    There are certain patterns in the design of SaaS projects. We were convinced of this when we decided to develop LPCloud , a SaaS platform for working with selling pages.

    Having studied well-known projects, we came to certain results. Many ideas flow from one project to another: video, free trial, call to action, etc. They decided to share the main conclusions with the habrasociety.

    Pass in the heading a value proposition

    Choosing the right value proposition is perhaps the most difficult thing you have to do. What is the value of your proposal? What makes your business unique?

    Take time and think about positioning the project with your team. Make a list with suggestions and cross out those that you think are not suitable. The remaining proposals begin to check on the audience using A / B-tests. Find the best and stick to it throughout the advertising campaign. Here is an example of how this is done with DigitalOcean.

    Form a call to action

    Come up with the right call. Depending on your goals, you can either focus on one action or add the option of choice, as Salesforce does for example (demo, pricing, solution).

    It was important for us to focus on a specific action, so we went along the path of Zendesk.


    The fact that writing on the target button also matters. There is even a theory that if a button is placed an action aimed at solving a person’s problem, this can increase conversion.

    Post product image

    Have you ever bought a product without seeing it? Most will say no. That is why many services place screenshots of their product on the start page.

    At first, we also went along this path, but for this case there is a certain risk, since the image can focus on itself all the attention of users and the conversion may fall. That is exactly what happened with us. Be careful with this and remember: the picture should complement your value proposition, and not focus on yourself. Now we have removed the screenshots from the main one, and the conversion has grown by 7%.

    Record a video

    Video is a powerful motivating tool. It can convey the essence of the product in words. And sometimes only video can explain the essence of your product. The most famous example is Dropbox, which used video on its main page to quickly increase the number of registrations.


    But the video has a drawback - at work you don’t always listen to it with sound. Maybe that's why, now there is a trend towards visualizing the service through HTML5, or by demonstrating looped videos without sound.

    Post your contact information

    Not everyone who visits your site will spend time searching for the "Contact Us" button. If a person cannot quickly find your contacts, then it is highly likely that he will simply leave your site. Phone placement is very common among online stores. We didn’t place the telephone on our main phone, because it simply doesn’t exist in the office, so we can’t say anything about the effectiveness of this element.

    Submit Demo

    Some visitors want to try your product right away. In this approach, we really liked the Optimizely approach. Just enter your website address and immediately start working, they transferred the registration to a later stage.


    The demo allows you to quickly familiarize yourself with the product and draw the user into the service. Therefore, the demo should be just a click away.

    Give a free trial period

    The user is always interested in checking how the product works, how it copes with its tasks. Therefore, most companies use a trial period of 14 to 60 days. This is also true for almost all well-known SaaS companies. And some companies place information on the length of the trial period directly in the target button. True, recently, many have replaced the information about the duration of the free period with the simpler “Try for free”.

    Set up support

    Very often you can hear dissatisfied reviews about poor discussion from the side of business. And this situation is observed both offline and online. Everyone knows the Zappos support service - you will hardly find any bad reviews about it. Therefore, if the operational support service is your advantage, feel free to talk about it. Here is an example of SquaSpace.


    Some conclusions on this subject:
    • place your phone or email in a prominent place;
    • Tell us about the awards of your service;
    • tell us about the average response time to the request,
    • show the people behind your support team.

    Tell us about the team.

    It is likely that the team does not influence the decision to purchase so much. However, it would be nice if visitors had an idea of ​​the people behind the product. Who is the CEO? Who are the developers? Remember that your team is part of the product. If you post photos of the team, then watch out for those who leave / come. Some companies still list their investors - sometimes this can arouse trust on the part of users.

    Make sure

    If legal entities and individuals trust you with their data, then take care of their safety. Violation of safety rules can lead to user dissatisfaction and loss of confidence. Tell your customers what you are doing for security. They do not need to know every aspect, just tell them about the general principles and technologies so that they make sure that their data is safe.


    All these listed characteristics are the most common elements in a SaaS project. Some of the ideas we have already tested, some are only planned to be used. Many of them affect the conversion and profit level of the company, so we hope these ideas will help you improve your project.

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