Tithe will be applied to software: Putin supported the proposal to tax software sales with a 10% tax

    Recently, the state began to generate too many news about the Internet: and again , Vedomosti reports on alarming initiatives by the authorities:
    Russian President Vladimir Putin at a meeting with Communications Minister Nikolai Nikiforov said he supported the idea of ​​creating a special fund to finance the development of domestic software, Interfax reported. It is planned to replenish the fund at the expense of a 10 percent collection from the turnover of Russian and foreign software in Russia.

    Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications Nikolai Nikiforov

    So far, this is precisely the idea of ​​the minister, a proposal, not a law, or even a bill. But, I allow myself to assume that with Putin’s support this story has more chances for success than the very recent scandalous initiative to disconnect Runet from the global network, the discussion of which has so far been decided to be postponed indefinitely .

    “Of course, I will support this. We just need to work in the government and talk with colleagues at the Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of Finance, ”the president said.

    Vedomosti also writes that “the average profit of vendors is 20-25% of turnover, so a tax of 10% of sales will force developers to give half of the profit ... Given the current difficult economic situation, many vendors and young companies can work without profit and then 10% of deductions will turn into losses. ”

    But what Vedomosti does not write about is how they plan to collect tax deductions from foreign companies and companies registered in offshore companies. In general, the initiative still has a lot of blank spots, although the temptation to raise money from the IT industry as a bush will likely outweigh all the possible difficulties with administering (collecting) a new tax. Most likely, the most honest, white and registered in the Russian Federation companies will suffer.

    According to the minister, it is planned to direct fees to support software developers. This sounds more logical than the recent idea of ​​taxing purchases from foreign online stores in the name of affordable housing , but it’s not entirely clear: will those who collected the tax be supported in the end - or will the money go to create Cheburashka ?

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