Yandex has launched a service ordering service in Moscow and St. Petersburg

    Today, Yandex has posted in open access a beta version of its new project: a service for ordering household services - repair, cleaning, moving, etc. - Yandex Master . Now 43 companies providing services in Moscow and St. Petersburg are connected to it, partners are also being sought in other cities. Screenshot of the main page of " Yandex master " Competitors had not - known project YouDo more focused on the selection of artists working in private - as an analogue of freelancing. Yandex Master also works with partner companies. Therefore, the service can be considered an analogue of Yandex Market - not only in the trade market, but in the services market. By the way, YouDo eventually became one of the partners of Yandex itself, helping it launch the Wizards, as they said

    at today's presentation.

    Instead of an independent search in issuing the same Yandex, the user now needs to select the type of service and leave a request - then the executing company will contact him, and Yandex will monitor the quality of work and resolve conflicts. It’s a bit like the already quite successful Yandex Taxi scheme - get ready for the plumbers asking for the top five in the application :) In this case, all calls go through the Yandex call center, so that companies won’t be able to annoy you with extra advertising (and dodge the commission “ Yandex, I suppose).

    I already wrote that a similar project in the US plans to launch Amazon . The concept of the project is about the same: Amazon adds a set of services in several cities to the product basket:

    Amazon has already negotiated with local service companies in Seattle and San Francisco, and service can be launched in these cities by the end of the year.

    As you can see, Yandex started earlier. Surely Amazon will notice this: CNN, for example, has already announced the launch . By the way, it will be interesting to hear in the comments of company representatives - for example, the anton habrayuzer about which of them was the first to come to the services market.

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