Need help: missing Alexey Chervonenkis

    Yesterday, professor of the Yandex Data Analysis School, professor of the University of London Alexei Yakovlevich Chervonenkis disappeared in the Losinoostrovskaya platform area .

    Alexey Chervonenkis is the author of fundamental works in the theory of machine learning, in particular, the concepts of VC-dimension and VC-entropy, one of the key people in the emergence of statistical machine learning.

    The guys from Lisa Alert are engaged in his searches (this is a volunteer organization involved in the search for missing people). Need help: with the dissemination of information from Lisa Alert, and with searches on the spot. Here is a post on their forum:

    UPD: LisaAlert reported that a body was found from a helicopter, and that this body was supposedly Alexei Yakovlevich. Relatives are now getting to the place of detection to identify and say for sure.

    UPD2: Unfortunately, it was not possible to save Alexei Yakovlevich: on Tuesday at 12 noon he was found from a helicopter in hard-to-reach areas, and identification was carried out late at night. We thank everyone who responded to our call for help finding. We grieve for the loss and express our deepest condolences to relatives and friends.

    September 21, he went for a walk from the Losinoostrovskaya platform towards Mytishchi, last time he got in touch on the night of September 22. He said that he was lost. Since then there has been no information about his whereabouts.

    If you are ready and can physically help in the search, call the curator Ana Sovunye by phone +7 (916) 995-51-36.

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