The release of CryEngine 5.5 from Crytek

    Crytek finally released a new version of the game engine CryEngine 5.5.

    In CryEngine 5.5, many bugs were fixed, user comments were taken into account and new features were added, including:

    - an improved SVOGI function used by developers to create realistic ambient colors. Also appeared tool SVO, to create a ray tracing.
    - updated documentation, thanks to which novice designers and game developers will quickly get acquainted with the engine.
    - Added a Flappy Boid course to learn how to create games.
    - The release has improved user interface.
    - The stability and performance of the engine have been improved.
    - the release includes new features when creating grids of relief.
    - Added new components to create rain and water.
    - Improved plugins to create a landscape.
    - The manual for migrating data from Unity to CryEngine has been updated.
    - A new feature for saving backup copies of data.

    According to Crytek, developers who want to create a game on a new version of the engine will have to give 5% of the profits if the total income exceeds $ 5,000. Previously, the engine was available for download free of charge, and the developer himself decided what amount to transfer to support it.

    It was also announced that version 5.5 will be the latest version with support for 32-bit Windows operating systems, a decision made on the basis of the limited amount of memory supported by these systems and the lack of support for Vulkan. CryEngine 5.5 is available for Windows 7 and above.

    → You can familiarize yourself with all the features of CryEngine 5.5 on the CryEngine website.

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