Popcorn Time - update to version 0.3.3

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On September 17, 2014, Popcorn Time version 0.3.3 was released - open source software that provides the user with a simple and intuitive interface for streaming movies and TV shows using the BitTorrent protocol.
Popcorn Time and attempts to close the project have already been mentioned on Habré ( Popcorn Time: the most convenient program for viewing torrents , Popcorn Time developers disappear one after another , Popcorn Time closed due to “threat of legal prosecution and backstage frauds” , MPAA secured removal of forks Popcorn Time with GitHub ), but Popcorn Time is still alive and actively developed. Who cares what the new version 0.3.3 brought - welcome to cat.

Major changes:
  • A large-scale code cleaning was performed and the database format was changed. Because of this, it is possible to reset the database during the upgrade. The developers promise to be careful next time.
  • Auto-update is not supported in this release. They promise to fix it in the future.
  • The source repository has been moved to its own server, now it is located at http://git.popcorntime.io/
  • Fixed flicker when starting the application.
  • Icons are now implemented using FontAwesome fonts (used to be in PNG format).
  • Rethinked the settings, now they look easier and more understandable, some settings have been moved to the advanced settings section.
  • Added 3 new topics. In the future there will be support for third-party topics.
  • New settings have been added: On top of other windows, Home page settings, Show movie rating on top of posters, Shade or hide the watched movies.
  • Multiple user interface improvements.
  • Implemented scaling of posters on the fly (Ctrl + and Ctrl- in poster viewing mode).
  • Added the ability to immediately go to the next unviewed series of the series.
  • Help is built in.
  • Added the ability to select a third-party video player (VLC, XMBC, MPlayer, mpv and others) that will be used instead of the built-in one.
  • Added support for synchronization with Trakt.tv (allows you to synchronize viewed episodes, favorite movies / TV shows, ratings and much more)
  • Pilot support for Chromecast and Airplay launched
  • Added HTTP API to control Popcorn Time from other applications


The source code of the application and ready-made assemblies for Windows, Linux and Mac OS are available for download . An unofficial repository is also available for Ubuntu users .

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