RailsClub 2014: Interview with Alexander Balashov

    Today RailsClub 2014 has an important day - we have 300! This means that at the conference there will be many familiar faces, interesting communication and there will be no empty seats at all. Keep up, there are only 35 tickets left!

    Today, questions were answered by our wonderful colleague in Evrone , the author and CTO of the Teatro service (about which we recently wrote a post ) Alexander Balashov .


    What are you working on now?

    I am involved in improving the web application development process. I study various Continious Integration tools, see how they can be used in specific projects. I am very interested in the topic of tests, in particular integration testing using capybara and poltergeist. Due to the fact that they use threads, very interesting bugs often appear that make it possible to have a great time with a debugger.

    I am also interested in the topic with manual testing. I am developing a Teatro service that allows you to demonstrate pool requests in one click.

    What is the best and worst part of your work?

    The best part of the job is solving unique complex problems. In most professions, the bulk of the tasks are typical, but in programming everything is fundamentally the opposite. If the task begins to repeat itself, then the code is transferred to the library, and this task simply disappears.

    The worst part of the job is stupid minor bugs that are not difficult, but which still need to be given time. Although over time, I learned to look for reasons faster and spend less time on them.

    What do you consider to be your main achievement in life / career at the moment?

    I am now very passionate about Teatro, perhaps it is the main achievement, if we talk about the created projects. On the other hand, I am very proud that I was able to share my experience with my colleagues.

    And in life - I have two beloved children: a girl and a boy. I also managed to visit more than 30 countries and 100 cities :)

    In your opinion, in what direction will Ruby and Ruby on Rails develop in the coming years?

    Definitely, this is performance. Spring appeared on rails 4.1, Adequate Record is promised in 4.2. Ruby will also improve performance. Most likely, the use of full threads will begin.

    What, in your opinion, is the most important problem facing the community of developers of Ruby and Ruby on Rails now?

    As such, there are no problems, we can say that Ruby on Rails is a "paradise on earth." Therefore, I would not want to speak in terms of problems, so that I would later invent such things and leave with the Rails Way. As I said, the main task in the Ruby world is performance and threads in particular, but this, again, is not a problem for most applications.

    Is there a gem that you could point your finger at and say, “This is how you need to write code”?

    In general, most famous gems are well written. At one time, I really liked spree, as it is written inside. There is still such an opinion among some very cool developers that "the rails inside are such a shit." I do not agree with this, the rails themselves can always serve as role models.

    What do you read about Ruby / RoR? Blogs, resources, books?

    Of the permanent sites, only weblog.rubyonrails.org and ruby-lang.org :) I don’t read any other blogs, twitter or anything, it takes too much time. It’s better to spend this time practicing programming or reading gem sources. It always happens that the most important thing will find you anyway. Our company has a general chat where all the important news always appears.

    Books are a good thing, you should definitely read several books about ruby, as well as classic books about programming like “Perfect code”.

    In your opinion, is there a competition between Ruby / Ruby on Rails and Python / Django? If there is, then in which the former are superior to the latter, and in what are inferior?

    Until recently, I thought that Django and Rails are competitors, but after attending Python conferences, talking with people from the community, using Python partially in projects, I realized that this is not entirely true. They solve the same problems, it’s true. But still, they are very different psychologically. Python and Ruby can be compared with Linux and Mac. One is close to someone, someone else and in fact they do not compete. At the same time, my personal opinion is that Ruby on Rails is much better. Mostly thanks to the community and the leaders behind Ruby on Rails. We have so many things defined by stars like DHHand others, so it’s much easier for us to focus on solving our specific problems and not think about infrastructure things. It is very similar to Mac OS, everything is already out of the box and standard tools are good. Everyone in the world of rail uses, for example, a bundler and this is the standard. There is no such thing in the Python world. There the situation is similar to Linux, when everyone selects his own favorite tool for each thing or even writes his own.

    Shame on the code you wrote a few years ago?

    No :) This is a natural situation that you used to do worse than now. If this does not happen, then you are stuck in place.

    What do you like to do when you don't write code?

    I love everything where there is a motor. I like to drive a car, ride a cross bike. I love karting. I love to travel to different countries in my car. It combines the most favorite things: cars and travel. For example, I drove my car from Moscow to Venice and Istanbul.

    Thanks for the interview!

    By the way, in between reports, it will be possible to set up Teatro together with Sasha for his project - at a conference on September 27, at the Digital October center. The program is on the RailsClub 2014 website .

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