Beta Opera 25: bookmarks and the new express panel

    Today we want to show you a beta of Opera 25. Starting with this version, test builds that are about to become final are again called beta, not Opera Next. It turned out that the word "beta" is much clearer to the average user and there is no doubt about the name of the browser itself.


    I managed to grab a lot of minuses for this idea, but we have been saying for a long time that what we were not interested in doing is interesting for us to do better. Therefore, new bookmarks in Opera 25 Beta are not just an endless and useless array of links. The bookmarks interface looks more like the previous express panel (yes, it has also been updated, see below).

    It helps to add recognizability to bookmarks dialog to select images to the bookmark. Following the example of social networks that generate an extended snippet from any link, we analyze the page and suggest that you choose the right picture for it:

    • If there is no successful picture - take the icon,
    • no icon - take a picture,
    • in the meantime, it will be generated - we will show an improvisation on the topic of the page address, which is also quite recognizable.

    But if you still like long lists, then you can always switch to the list of links. But it has become better: you not only see a decent piece of the title, but also see the link, it can help in difficult cases. And of course there is a search.

    Express panel

    The new express panel now resembles the bookmarks bar in mobile browsers and also seeks to show the site icon, not a hard-to-see picture.

    Yet? Yet!

    • Support for H.264 and MP3 formats on all platforms (through system codecs, if any)
    • System notifications from the browser using the Web Notifications API, see the Dev.Opera article for details
    • Built-in PDF viewer
    • The Linux version is also in beta!


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