Introducing the Updated Webmaster Tools API

Original author: John Mueller, lover of long command lines
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Webmaster Level: Advanced

All summer, the Webmaster Tools team worked on updating our API . Compatible with other Google APIs, it simplifies authorization for applications and web services, and also allows you to work with the main functions of Webmaster Tools.

Users with experience with other Google APIs can easily switch to the new Webmaster Tools API. We have already prepared its variants for Python , Java and OACurl .

Using this API you can:
  • Add and remove sites from your account, as well as organize them (now there can be up to 500 sites in your account);
  • Add, delete, or create Sitemaps
  • Receive statistics of warnings, errors, etc., for specific Sitemaps
  • Request lists of all crawl errors on your site
  • save examples of various scanning errors;
  • mark individual scanning errors as fixed (this will not affect their processing, but will simplify your user interface).

Tell us about the challenges you solve using the Google APIs. If you have questions about how to use the API or want to talk about your project, leave comments below, write in our community for webmasters or in the Help forum .

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