New Google Search Features in Site Links

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    We want to share with you a small update in the capabilities of Google Search. Now, on the main page when searching for a particular site, an updated and improved search string in the site’s links may appear.
    search box in site links

    What is a search bar in site links and when does it appear in the results?

    If a user in a Google search enters the name of the company, for example [ издательство дрофа] or [ эксмо], he will probably look for more detailed information on its web pages. Previously, our system showed a set of links to its sections and an additional search line under the found site . With its help, the user could search the site directly on the page of results found, for example [ детские книги].

    The search bar in the site’s links has become more visible and is now placed above the sitelinks. It supports autocomplete , and can also be switched to the search engine of the site (if the correct markup is used).

    autocomplete search box

    How to mark up site content?

    Your site must have its own search engine. If you have one, let us know by marking the main page as a object using the potentialAction property of the markup . To do this, use JSON LD or RDFa microdata. Read more on our website for developers .

    If you implement such markup, users will be able to go from the search bar next to the sitelinks directly to the site’s search page. If the system does not detect the markup, the user will be shown a page with Google search results on your site. The same information can be obtained by typing “site: query” in the search.

    If you have any questions, please post them on our Webmaster Help Forum .

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