Mercury + Yandex.Money = Free and powerful online stores

    Hello, Habr!

    My name is Konstantin, and I will tell you about the Mercury project , which our team launched together with the Yandex.Money team .

    Mercury is a cloud service that allows you to quickly create a free online store and integrate it into an existing website, blog or page on social networks.

    A key feature of Mercury - our service provides sellers with such opportunities for free that others give for a lot of money, if at all.

    Under the cut, I’ll talk more about the history of the project, its current state and our plans.

    Technically, Mercury relies on the CS-Cart platform we created- A boxed e-commerce solution that has been successfully sold on the international market for nine years. Over the years, CS-Cart has accumulated extensive functionality, and we, its developers, have vast experience.

    Now we use this experience to create the most convenient, affordable and profitable solution for trading on the Internet.

    Today, Mercury is:

    • Free solution without restrictions on use and functionality
    • Service specially tailored for Runet: integration with 1C, Russian Post, QIWI and other Russian services
    • Integration with Yandex services: Money, Metric, Cards and Market (including the ability to purchase goods directly on the Market)
    • Widget for embedding in sites, blogs and Facebook
    • Responsive showcase with visual design editor
    • The ability to bind your own domain + ready-made showcase on *
    • An adult platform with a huge amount of chips and thousands of satisfied users around the world

    You can see all this with your own eyes by opening a store on Mercury on our website . Creating a store will only take about 10 seconds.

    An example of a store at Mercury

    Mercury is actively developing: in the near future we will add the ability to edit product cards and all texts directly on the window, goals for Yandex.Metrica and flexible settings for the checkout page. All of these features will also be free.

    Why free?

    We want the e-commerce market in Russia to grow rapidly, because we believe that a developed ecosystem will benefit all market participants - sellers, developers, and buyers. The more profitable stores on the market, the higher the competition (benefit for the buyer) and the higher the demand for various customizations (benefit for developers).

    Merchium’s free combination with its power removes all obstacles to creating profitable online stores.

    Admin panel

    We plan to earn through partner deductions in our Market for themes and applications. From each sale of his application, the developer will receive 80%, and topics - 70%. (If you want to work with us according to this scheme, send an application to partners@merchium.ruor write to me in PM.)

    In addition, in the future we plan to release an extended paid version for professional fast-growing stores. I draw your attention to the fact that we do not limit the free version, but we expand the paid version.

    By the way, if you are a developer, then you can make money with the help of Mercury right now, not only on themes and applications. We invite everyone to use Mercury for free in their own projects, as well as provide services for creating and maintaining stores. No special permission is required, the main thing is that the end user knows what platform his store works on. In the next posts I’ll talk about how we work with the Yandex.Money team, how we make APIs for application developers, and how our cloud infrastructure works.

    Ask any questions about our service in the comments. The entire Mercury team is on Habré, so the information will be first-hand.

    We would be happy to give out in honor of the announcement a bundle of promo codes for Habr, but with us everything is already free ;-)

    Thank you!

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